Chocolatina Tina s health teacher is always admonishing her students You are what you eat But all Tina likes to eat is chocolate One day she wishes Mrs Ferdman s favorite saying were true and the very next morn

  • Title: Chocolatina
  • Author: Erik P. Kraft Denise Brunkus
  • ISBN: 9780439635929
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tina s health teacher is always admonishing her students, You are what you eat But all Tina likes to eat is chocolate One day she wishes Mrs Ferdman s favorite saying were true, and the very next morning she wakes up a completely chocolate girl How is she going to become an un chocolate girl Full color.

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    1. Erik P. Kraft Denise Brunkus says:

      Erik P. Kraft Denise Brunkus Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chocolatina book, this is one of the most wanted Erik P. Kraft Denise Brunkus author readers around the world.

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    1. This is such a fun story about Chocolatina and her adventure. Her health teacher, Mrs. Ferdman, is quite the character. She constantly tells the children in her class, "You are what you eat!" Unfortunate for TIna, she loves chocolate so much that one night before her sleep, she wished to be chocolate. Sure enough she had to go to school the next day, and face becoming what she eats in front of all of her classmates and Mrs. Ferdman. I think that a very interesting tone to this story was the iron [...]

    2. PICTURE BOOK- One of my favorite children's books about a little girl who loves chocolate SO much that she turns into it! Great for a lesson on being happy with who you are.

    3. Kaitlyn Ramirez:ChocolatinaBy: Erik Kraft Chocolatina is a funny children’s book that young readers would get a kick out of. The book tells of a young girl who loves everything chocolate and eats it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One day Tina eats so much chocolate that her skin starts to turn into chocolate. Her teacher had always told her, “You are what you eat” well that served Tina right by eating way to much chocolate. Throughout the book Tina realizes that she shouldn’t have eat [...]

    4. This is a fun and entertaining story of a child who eats excessive amounts of chocolate. Through the text and illustrations the author shows the child's love of chocolate and how it effects her. After being told by her teacher that, "you are what you eat" Chocolatina wishes this were true, and turns into complete chocolate. It does not take long for her to discover being made of chocolate is not fun at all. The author does a great job not being predictable by having the teacher who promoted eati [...]

    5. This book is about Tina's health teacher is always admonishing her students, "You are what you eat!" But all Tina likes to eat is chocolate. One day she wishes Mrs. Ferdman's favorite saying were true, and the very next morning she wakes up a completely chocolate girl. The health teacher who said to eat healthy, told Tina she hoped Chocolatina would turn to chocolate so that she could eat her.The health teacher gets fired, this is the twist in the story, after Tina turns back to her normal self [...]

    6. Chocolatinaby Erik P. Kraft is a story about a girl named Tina who loves chocolate on everything. One day at school Tinas health teacher who hated chocolate said that there was a saying you are what you eat, Tina wished that the saying was true. That night while Tina was sleeping, she turned into chocolate. At first Tina loved being chocolate, she was confused but she knew that it was going to be a good day. Then at school Tina realized being chocolate wasnt all that fun, it made it hard for her [...]

    7. This story is about a little girl who loves chocolate more than anything in the world. She would eat chocolate for every meal of the day if she could. However, her health teacher lectures her that she will turn into what she is eating. Chocolatina thinks it might be neat to turn into chocolate. So one day she wakes up and is made completely of chocolate. Children do not want to sit with her on the bus and her feet melt at recess. Chocolatina realizes that she does not want to be chocolate anymor [...]

    8. Chocolatina is basically a chocolate princess. Tina is a sweet little girl that can not get enough chocolate. Erik P. Kraft does a great job incorporating chocolate in every daily activity that Chocolatina involves herself in. She eats as much chocolate as possible even when there is an evil teacher that tries to ruin her chocolate eating experiences. This health teacher is very rude to Chocolatina and tries to tell her that eating this much chocolate is bad. 'You are what you eat", a common quo [...]

    9. Chocolatina is the story of a young girl who loves chocolate more than anything else in the entire world. Her teacher warns her that "you are what you eat" but Chocolatina does not care and continues to eat chocolate. One day she wakes up and realizes that her teacher's words have come true and she has actually turned to chocolate. Chocolatina struggles through her day and dreads having to go to her health teacher's class where she knows she will have to admit that her teacher was right. When sh [...]

    10. Chocolatinaby Erik Kraft is a fun and colorful tale based on a saying we all heard as children: "You are what you eat!" Tina LOVES chocolate more than anything in the world. Her health teacher, on the other hand, says she hates it, and warns Tina that she will turn into a chocolate girl if she doesn't eat healthy. Well her health teacher was right, and Tina became Chocolatina!This book is good fun! It emphasizes the importance of eating healthy without making it a heavy burden to the story. The [...]

    11. Chocolatina written by Erik Kraft and illustrated by Denise Brunkus was one of my favorite books as a child. I sure love chocolate and so does Tina, the main character in Chocolatina. I think this would make a great read aloud because it flows well and is very entertaining. Tina is a young girl who loves anything chocolate, but one day her health teacher tells the class, "You are what you eat." The next morning Tina wakes up and is covered in chocolate from head to toe! This book does not really [...]

    12. Everyone knows the saying, "You are what you eat", but what if one day you actually became what you ate. This became real for Tina, one day she turned into her favorite thing in the worldocolate! Tina ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her dad would ask her, "How do you want your eggs?" and Tina would say, with a side of her favorite chocolatey cereal. Tina realized that she loved chocolate, but not this much She couldn't play outside, or even walk, and health class was terrifying a [...]

    13. I could just look at Denise Brunkus' illustrations and never mind the words, but this is an adorable book all around. Tina is a juvenile chocolate fiend, so much so that everyone she knows calls her Chocolatina. She eats Choco-Crunchies for breakfast, chocolate milk with her lunch, and chocolate syrup on her fruit salad. Her health teacher Ms. Ferdman (did I mention I love the pictures in this book? Especially Ms. Ferdman) tells her class every day: "You are what you eat. You are what you eat." [...]

    14. Tina absolutely loves chocolate! In class they talk about eating healthy and her teacher always tells them, “You are what you eat.” Tina loved chocolate so much that she wished she were it, until it came true. Her teacher tried to eat her and then got banished from the school. Tina wishes to not be chocolate anymore and even offers to give it up for good. She goes back to her regular self while Mrs. Fredman is suddenly transformed into chocolate. I really enjoyed this book. My response to it [...]

    15. One thing I love about this book is the story line. The author uses the story to let young readers know that "You are what you eat" as well as the saying "Be careful what you wish for." This lets readers know that sometimes that things we love best aren't really good for us depending on what it is (sweets, junk food, etc). The illustrations in this book are also very good. Looking at Chocolatina in her chocolate form is very unique! The illustrations have different shades, and shine differently [...]

    16. Tina loves chocolate. No, not just loves. She adores chocolate and eats as much of it as she can. Her health teacher warns Tina and her classmates that they are what they eat, and Tina loves chocolate so much she wishes that were true. But the next morning when Tina really does wake up as a chocolate girl, she finds that being a chocolate girl has it's hazards.This is a picture book warm up for chocolate lovers not quite ready for Chocolate Fever yet, only Tina doesn't quite learn any lesson oth [...]

    17. Chocolatina by Erik P. Kraft is a children's picture book about a young girl who loves to eat chocolate. Her teacher at school preached “You are what you eat.” One morning the little girl wakes up and she is made of chocolate! The story continues with her life in the day of being chocolate. She awakes the next day fully human again and learns her lesson. The story is filled with colorful images in cartoon form. The characters facial expressions are bold and capture the eyes of the audience. [...]

    18. I read this to my second grade classes as a follow up to Chocolate Fever.The overall story is pretty much the same. Kid loves chocolate, kid eats too much chocolate, kid turns into chocolate, kid discovers that being chocolate is not that much fun.I liked the way this book handled the story better. I think the shorter picture book format was more appropriate for the telling of the story. The delightful illustrations by Denise Brunkis (who is recognizable as the illustrator of the popular Junie B [...]

    19. This book was very cute and I think it had an adorable message. I feel like the teacher was sort of mean though. Chocolatina is such a great idea, in the book she eats so much chocolate she turns into chocolate. The illustrations in this book are better than any other that I have seen in a while and I really think it makes the book so much better. The detail thats included is mind fantastic. It is amazing how the author tells the story with the illustrations and the way the wording is in the boo [...]

    20. Tina loves chocolate more than anything. She puts chocolate syrup on fruit, drinks chocolate milk at lunch, eats chocolate cereal for breakfast and snacks on chocolate bunnies. Her teacher hates chocolate. She tells the class "You are what you eat!" And Tina wishes that were true and wakes up as a chocolate girl.This is a fun story with nice illustrations. But don't expect a moral about eating healthier, Tina learns nothing from her experience as a human chocolate bar.

    21. Chocolatina is one of my favorites! I wish I would turn into chocolate after reading this book. This book is about Tina and her obsession over chocolate. Her health teacher explains to her, “You are what you eat. You are what you eat.” After wishing this was true, Tina turns into chocolate and gets herself in a lot of trouble. This book is great for a picture walk because the illustrations within this book are very detailed and fun to discover.

    22. This is another book that is read at least 3 times a week per the request of my 6 year old son, who LOVES this book. I love the underlying message, which is to be careful what you wish for. I think my son just finds humor in a girl turning in to chocolate & nearly being eaten by her health teacher. Boys! Ha!

    23. Um, we like reading books about chocolate, especially when people have problems because they eat so much chocolate. Like Chocolate Fever and The Chocolate Touch. And yes, Chocolatina. What other chocolate books can we eat up!?

    24. Cute story! We're reading it in my library this week for Valentine's Day.The kids love it.The pictures enhance the to see the girl melting and the teacher about to attack. The illustrations are why it's a 4-star and not a 3-star.

    25. Found this at a used book sale at the library. My 4 year old daughter LOVES it. We've read it at least 10 times in the past week. I don't love it as much as her, since I've read a few chapter books with a very similar premise. But I guess we needed something in picture book form.

    26. This is such a funny book! I love Brunkus's funky and brightly animated art! I'm also a fan a Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park. Read this four times in two weeks!

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