The Unknowns Eric Muller has been trying to hack the girlfriend problem for half his life As a teenage geek he discovered his gift for programming computers but his attempts to understand women only confirm that

  • Title: The Unknowns
  • Author: GabrielRoth
  • ISBN: 9780316223287
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eric Muller has been trying to hack the girlfriend problem for half his life As a teenage geek, he discovered his gift for programming computers but his attempts to understand women only confirm that he s better at writing code than connecting with human beings Brilliant, neurotic, and lonely, Eric spends high school in the solitary glow of a screen.By his early twentiesEric Muller has been trying to hack the girlfriend problem for half his life As a teenage geek, he discovered his gift for programming computers but his attempts to understand women only confirm that he s better at writing code than connecting with human beings Brilliant, neurotic, and lonely, Eric spends high school in the solitary glow of a screen.By his early twenties, Eric s talent has made him a Silicon Valley millionaire He can coax girls into bed with ironic remarks and carefully timed intimacies, but hiding behind wit and empathy gets lonely, and he fears that love will always be out of reach.So when Eric falls for the beautiful, fiercely opinionated Maya Marcom, and she miraculously falls for him too, he s in new territory But the he learns about his perfect girlfriend s unresolved past, the further Eric s obsessive mind spirals into confusion and doubt Can he reconcile his need for order and logic with the mystery and chaos of love This brilliant debut ushers Eric Muller flawed, funny, irresistibly endearing into the pantheon of unlikely heroes With an unblinking eye for the absurdities and horrors of contemporary life, Gabriel Roth gives us a hilarious and heartbreaking meditation on self consciousness, memory, and love.

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    1. GabrielRoth says:

      Gabriel Roth was born and raised in London and educated at Brown University and at San Francisco State University, from which he received a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing For several years he was employed as a reporter and editor at the San Francisco Bay Guardian He now works as a writer and software developer and lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York The Unknowns is his first novel.

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    1. [10/6/13: Removing a star with time and distance. Still loved the novel, but its scope is somewhat limited by design, and I'm not quite sure it has made a lasting impression in my head. And so.]A sad, grimly funny, and dizzyingly well-written debut novel.There is much to say about this slim, wonderful book, but I think I'll keep this short: Anyone who has felt the crippling self-consciousness of not understanding the Other while dating, while living, will recognize themselves in the narrator, Er [...]

    2. This book took a sharp left turn and failed to bring me along with it. I never quite recovered my equilibrium or figured out who i was meant to route for and why. The story didn't feel so much "unknown" as "unfinished."

    3. Eric survived high school in the mid 80’s; the nerd that spent way too much time with computers and never really having any friends. Now he has millions from selling his dot com and lives in a beautiful apartment and living the life everyone dreams of. Except he never quite found love, that was until the glamorous Maya came into his life. It’s not easy trying to get the most alluring woman in the world to pay any attention to you at all.When I was in high school I really wanted to be a write [...]

    4. Every now and then a writer creates a character with whom you have absolutely nothing in common but from whom you learn so much and relate to in ways you might never expect. In this case, the character, Eric, is a twenty something computer genius (or, "nerd") living in San Francisco and a recent millionaire after selling the dot com company he and his high school friend created. The novel, which alternates between his present life and his difficult middle school-high school years, tells his stor [...]

    5. Self-deprecating, lifelong nerd Eric Mueller has spent years attempting to apply the tricks of computer coding, which has earned him millions of dollars, to women. As a freshman in high school, Eric keeps a notebook filled with data on potential girlfriends. The list's only requirement: "Would I prefer to be involved with her or to graduate high school without ever acquiring a girlfriend?" In his adulthood, Eric is better able to turn his awkwardness into charm, but will he allow his feelings to [...]

    6. First Reads Review - The Unknowns by Gabriel RothI have to say that for most of this book I wasn't exactly sure what to think of it, the main character, his quest for his perfect woman. Eric is at times a very painful character to read because most people will probably find some way to relate to him, to his not fitting in, his inability to connect with people in a meaningful way, his desire to slip into a persona to make friends and be attractive. And yet he is also an incredibly flawed person, [...]

    7. This book took me by such pleasant surprise. I picked it up at ALA and wasn't sure what to think when I started it.A data-oriented male has always tried to apply his research proficiency to his social life with catastrophic results. He's highly observant, but can't handle the many "unknowns", the variables you can't objectively learn when dealing with romantic relationships. When falling in love for the first time, he faces a particularly scary unknown, and drama unfolds.It's told in the first p [...]

    8. When it comes to books, I go on a lot of first dates.Everything seems good in the beginning, but then the deal breakers start piling up. I expected The Unknowns to follow the same pattern because I've become hopelessly cynical. I started to believe that my tastes were too particular. That I would never be satisfied. That I was one of those people.But this story was everything I thought it would be. Everything it promised to be: equal parts studious character study and idiosyncratic love story. J [...]

    9. I really, really liked this book. The best thing about it was how it changed and expanded as it went on, starting out as a funny, light thing about a nerdy guy who approaches dating in a wacky way and developing into a great meditation on "the unknown" and how much we can truly know about the people we love--and whether or not that matters. And all in just over 200 pages! Also, it made me glad I didn't marry a nerd.

    10. I really liked this book. I wanted to keep reading and sneaked in a lot of reading sessions during a very busy week. The narrator speaks in a provocatively hyper-analytical, techno-economic language as he tries to understand himself, his past, and his relationships. He's smart, clueless, awkward, human. It's a really sad book, but funny.

    11. The publisher should be fined. The author should be flogged. I will not read books by the authors who provided recommendations on the back of the bookey have lost all credibility.

    12. I have been finished for a few days now and I am still unsure of this book. Either I am missing something or it's basically a moral about having all the money in the world and nothing changes. I could also day it's about, trust, privacy, and learning to let go of certain things.

    13. When you've spent so much of your life trying to make logical sense of things, bringing order to total chaos, can you apply those same principles to situations where logic doesn't always occur, like romantic relationships?Computer programmer Eric Muller figured out his knack for computers and writing code fairly early. "I still haven't found anything that keeps anxiety at bay as reliably as coding: the possibilities and ramifications branch outward to colonize all of your available brainspace, a [...]

    14. Being a fan of well written first person narrative, I instantly loved the writing style of the author. I really enjoyed that it was a male perspective in a first person as well. It’s not that there are no male perspective books out there, of course, but it’s always fun to find one. It was a refreshing change from the majority that I tend to find. Very enjoyable! Eric is such an interesting and multifaceted character. His escapades and, well, perhaps conquests might be a good word to use, kee [...]

    15. I pretty much read The Unknowns with my heart in my throat, very nervous for the main character. The novel alternates between Eric’s newer more polished millionaire version of himself and the geek in high school who had no friends, an awkward relationship with his father, and an idea of keeping a notebook cataloging the attributes of his female peers which just seems destined to go painfully wrong. It is easy to make the connection between the boy who was searching for a way to understand wome [...]

    16. Don't really know what to make of this. It's well-written, amusing at times and also unsettling - about what it says about the main character but also people in general, especially those who are not as socially aware as they perhaps should be. Eric is a bit of a douchebag, could easily be considered a creep. He's hyper-aware of the fact that he doesn't really understand people, especially women, and therefore the way he approaches relationships and dating is over-analytical and calculated. Some [...]

    17. The Unknowns is Gabriel Roth's debut novel, and he's already landed a fan in me, plus, by all accounts, one of my favourite authors, Sebastian Faulks. Faulks says Roth's book is "fast, funny, full of snappy dialogue. And so it is. Eric Muller is a newly mega-rich IT geek, and its his life we explore, flashing back to Eric's schooldays, and to the present day as a new relationship with the very attractive Maya evolves. As a computer geek in the early days Eric had a great deal of trouble socially [...]

    18. This is SO SMART. I can tell I'm going to like it :)------The perfect book to read up on the roof in the sun on a Saturday. I laughed out loud in some parts, was amused throughout most of it, but mostly I was blown away by Gabriel Roth's writing. It's superb. It's smart, it flows, it feels effortless - like having a conversation - but it's imbued with so much intelligence, playfulness and perfectly selected diction. Like, whoa - I'll definitely be checking out Gabriel Roth's future books.Regardi [...]

    19. If you imagine Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy, only with an actual nerd as the protagonist instead of Ben Affleck, and a much more nuanced and less chauvinistic conflict, you get Gabriel Roth's The Unknowns.It's frustrating, because as a guy who's largely an idiot when it comes to women, I want to root for the guy who's largely an idiot when it comes to women. It's like watching a horror film where you know the killer's hiding in the basement and the teenagers go against every normal instinct to wand [...]

    20. I didn't like this book, although initially it seemed promising. By the middle of the book, I started skimming. Too many people met coincidentally in restaurants, for example. Give me a break. This does not happen in big cities. Maybe once, but repeatedly? And certain elements were rehashed over and over again. Eric and Maya's sex life, for example I can only handle so much of that, especially after Maya's past is revealed.This was the author's first book-- so in that regard, Roth shows a lot of [...]

    21. "The Unknowns" is the most engrossing novel I've read in a while. Based on the first person musings of a love-starved computer genius, "The Unknowns" is aptly titled. Its story is centered around Eric's quest to understand what makes a woman tick (he keeps a detailed study of each girl in his high school freshman class), and in particular, his current flame, Maya, and the mystery surrounding her sexual abuse by her father. Eric questions her veracity and after researching "repressed memories", h [...]

    22. I am so glad I got introduced to this book. Roth has a great, crisp, smart style, and he reminded me at times of Sam Lipsyte, but his narrator isn't quite so schlubby and sad-sack. Newly wealthy software geek Eric Muller may feel at sea in the world, but he's actually quite presentable. He has potential! The early, comic chapters of looking-for-love shade gradually into something much more serious: Eric's nagging suspicion that his lover, who believes herself to be a victim of childhood sexual a [...]

    23. Definitely an interesting read. It started off as fun, and easy and I liked the quirky sense of humor of the narrator. Somewhere after the first third of the novel (and the hilarious descriptions of high school) the book begins delving into Repressed Memory Syndrome. It never hits too heavy handed, nor does it really land on one side of the fence or the other, but it definitely give you something to think about. I thought the author did a great job turning what could have been any other hipster [...]

    24. I received this book as a giveaway and am truly happy I did. When I first started the book, I thought I wasn't going to like it because it was so different than other books I read. The author did such a great job of narrating the main character and as I continued reading, I really liked the story and felt it was genuine. Overall, I think the book is very good and perfect for some light reading. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this advanced copy!

    25. This isn't hilarious or incredibly witty. Other authors are better at exploiting this particular niche. The protagonist really has Asperger's Syndrome and is quite high functioning. But most of his anecdotes are painful. Teen years are hard so are the early twenties. Divorced parents that misbehave are always a painful topic. I wouldn't recommend this book and I can't remember why I bought it.

    26. There's a lot to like about this book, but also a lot to feel 'meh' about. For a debut novel, the dialogue is fantastic and fun (almost TOO much so a guy as witty as Eric never seemed as socially awkward as he claimed to be). However, there was just something a tiny bit off, where I never felt anything towards any of these characters or what happened to them.

    27. I was very lucky to win this book in a giveaway. I enjoyed this book a lot. I understand how Eric feels and thinks and know how it feels to deal with the unknowns in life. All in all this was a great read and I recommend it to everyone.

    28. I thought that it started brightly enough but then I was just glad to get it finished. From the apparent critical acclaim I was expecting more and ended up feeling rather disappointed. I didn't find it particularly funny and it makes an unexpected and unsatisfying turn to more serious issues.

    29. Fantastic book. A must for any douglas coupland/or jpod lovers out there. A total awesome look into the innerworkings of the mind of an awkward sanfran computer geek ;) loved the main character!! Geeks are the future!

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