Challenging Zed Want to be the first to find out what Zed was thinking when he met Sky Fancy finding out what Zed was like at nine I ve written a special story for Valentine s Day which is available as a free d

  • Title: Challenging Zed
  • Author: Joss Stirling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Want to be the first to find out what Zed was thinking when he met Sky Fancy finding out what Zed was like at nine I ve written a special story for Valentine s Day 2013, which is available as a free download.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Challenging Zed : by Joss Stirling Ç
      165 Joss Stirling
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Challenging Zed : by Joss Stirling Ç
      Posted by:Joss Stirling
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    About “Joss Stirling

    1. Joss Stirling says:

      Joss Stirling is a British novelist Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful, Finding Sky, which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers, seven talented guys from Colorado In a second series, Struck, Joss begins a new world of detective romance The first three parts are Struck 1 and Stung 2 , and Shaken 3 and Scorched 4 Joss introduces readers to four new heroes Kieran Storm, Nathan Hunter, Joe Masters and Damien Castle, who all attention the Young Detective Agency The first part, Struck, won the Romantic Novel of the Year 2015 in the UK.Her new series, PERIL, a paranormal love story set in the near future, is out 13 July 2017.Joss lives in Oxford, England She is married with three children.Stirling also publishes under two pen names Julia Golding and Eve Edwards.

    2 thoughts on “Challenging Zed

    1. Originally posted on my blog, My Bookish Thoughts.Challenging Zed is a short story from the Benedict series. It's written in the perspective of Zed Benedict, the youngest Benedict brother, and soulfinder of Sky Bright. It contains scenes from before he met Sky, a flashback to when he was nine, when he met Sky, and when he found out they were soulfinders. If you haven't read any of the books in Joss Stirling's series, I highly recommend you do - it's quite high on my list of favourites. Challengi [...]

    2. I got a copy of Challenging Zed right after finishing Finding Sky, as my mind was still so occupied with the two main characters. For me that's always a sign of a really good book or series. That also means I had really high hopes for this feature and they were not disappointed. I admit, Challenging Zed is written in an easy way and rather unconventional. It transmitted the feeling of reading the story a friend wrote and for an add-on like this, that was perfect. Challenging Zed gives you a more [...]

    3. I reviewed this (Seeking Crystal) here on . In that review I did avoid mentioning a very big thing (and did explain in a spoiler why). But this book would even introduce you to the concept. So do I think it’s a good book to start with? << Especially as I waslike Start with Seeking Crystal, it’s got my favourite brother so far in it- Uriel being my other, who I sort of have claims to. I had claims to him until the last page, OK?>>Yes. I wasn’t fangirling for Zed but nowYes, he i [...]

    4. *Update 14/02/2013 Man, I wish it was longer Really interesting addition to the Benedict Brothers series that allows the reader to not only get a feel for what Zed was thinking in Finding Sky but also an insight into the Benedict brothers when they were younger.If you don't have it already, go download it on for FREE! Pre-ordered and ready to be zapped on to my Kindle at Midnight! :D

    5. Nou, ik ben zeer verbaasd maar ik heb enorm genoten van dit verhaaltje. Het Verhaal van Zed, vertelt eigenlijk een klein stuk over het heen dat we all gelezen hebben in Het Verhaal van Sky, maar deze keer uit perspectief van Zed. Het Verhaal van Sky had van mij een 3 sterren gekregen vanwege enkele punten waar ik me ergerde. Straight, hoe dit boek een 4 sterren gekregen heeft. Ik las het gewoon veel liever dan uit het perspectief van Sky.

    6. Finally got this off my TBR!! This was adorable!!! Seeing things from his perspective was really good, if really made me remember why I loved them so much in the original series. Also his love for her and when he discovers she is his Soulfinder is so cute ☺️☺️

    7. 4,6 von 5 Sternen*Kurzmeinung*Diese kurze Zusatzstory macht nur für die Leser von „Finding Sky“ Sinn. Hier wird kurz ein wenig aus Zeds Kindheit erzählt und dann über seine Empfindungen und Erlebnisse als Sky in die Schule kommt und er sie zum ersten Mal sieht bis hin zu dem Punkt an dem er erkennt, dass sie sein Seelenspiegel ist.Es ist eine nette Zusatzinformation, die die ersten Begegnungen von Zed und Sky noch einmal in einem ganz anderen Licht zeigt. Außerdem fand ich es sehr schön [...]

    8. I loved this short story! My only complaint was that it was so short! After the last paragraph I wanted to know more, see more interaction between him and Sky.I love to see how since the beginning he felt attracted to her. In 'Finding Sky' he seemed indifferent at the beginning, so I'm so happy to see that that wasn't right!Love seeing more about the Benedict brothers! And Yves attracted to Sky? That was weird! I wished we had more of this short story, love Zed's POV!

    9. To see the beginning of the story from Zed's point of view was nice change. Zed is very kind in a secretive way and very sensible. He is the character that you cant help but fall in love with. He is strong amd have macho image going on for him but on the inside is good and understanding. I loved his point of view!

    10. Antes no sentia nada por el personaje de Zed, pero ahora definitivamente me gusta. Lastima no hay mas libros sobre el y sky.

    11. Het verhaal van Zed, de titel zegt voldoende. Een klein stukje uit het verhaal van Sky, maar dan vanuit de ogen van Zed.Aangezien ik in het eerste boek al direct een zwak had voor Zed, heb ik ook echt genoten van dit boekje. De gebeurtenissen heb je dus al beleefd in het eerste boek, maar er worden stukjes informatie vanuit Zed aan toegevoegd. Je leert hem daardoor iets beter kennen, maar ik vond het verhaal gewoon heel fijn om nog even in het verhaal te blijven. Leuke toevoeging!

    12. Best leuk om een keer vanuit een ander perspectief te lezen. Ontzettend leuk eigenlijk. Het enige wat ik wel jammer vind, is dat de gebeurtenissen niet helemaal overeenkomen. Soms worden er in het boeken dingen anders gezegd/telepathisch verzonden dan in het verhaal. Maar verder wel echt een aanrader

    13. En esta pequeña historia conoceremos más del pequeño Zed, el más joven de los hermanos Benedict, y como fue su primer encuentro con Sky.Me ha encantado la forma de pensar de Zed, el porque de su actitud.Nos cuenta de mejor manera lo que él pensaba desde antes de conocer a su alma gemela y como era su relación familiar de pequeño.Ahora solo quiero leer a Yves.

    14. I was expecting More from Zeb's short POV. I would have enjoyed reading from his perspective. This way we could better picture the Benedict Brothers in action. It would make a great spin-off, 'The Savant Detectives' just saying.

    15. This little novella is well written and really adds to the storyline of the series. Price: freebie #COYER

    16. Ahora me quedo todo mas claro. Siempre me pregunte por quė Zed la había seguido hasta su casa. Ame cada palabra y me enamora mas de Zed (¡Ante todas las probabilidades!)

    17. OMG! what can I say? I love this series and I was jumping for joy when I found out there was a book about ZED! Zed is like my favourite brother out of the bunch!

    18. Si bien me considero una gran fanática de la saga, sentí que este libro no me aportó nada nuevo. Ayudó a comprender sus motivos, pero podría haber vivido tranquilamente sin saberlos. Además, se me hizo corto y me dejó con muchas preguntas de las cosas que pasaban a continuación en el libro de Sky.De todos modos, volver a leer sobre esta saga me trajo lindos recuerdos y nunca es mala idea rememorar las aventuras narradas en Finding Love.

    19. Pensé que si leí desde la perspectiva de Zed entendería toda la cosa de las almas gemelas, pero luego de terminar de leer seguí igual de confundida que antes. El protagonista tiene mucho que dar, y tal vez el autor no supo aprovechar los matices de Zed. En simples palabras: no me gustó esta historia corta, hubiera sido mejor el quedarme solamente con la perspectiva de Sky.

    20. Die Kurzgeschichte erzählt etwas aus Zeds Vergangenheit sowie seinem Verhalten Sky gegenüber. Ich fand die Geschichte so süß, besonders als Zed versuchte immer ernst zu schauen, während der Sky lieber angrinsen und knuddeln würde. Die Umschreibung war sehr glaubhaft und so süß wie Zucker!Die Geschichte liefert jetzt aber nichts tiefgründigeres, was man aus der Hauptgeschichte nicht bereits weiß.

    21. Me gustó pero me faltó más, es una lástima que sea tan corto porque quería conocer un poco más la perspectiva de Zed. Todo fue un poco superficial pero no pierdo el interés de seguir con el segundo tomo de la serie.

    22. Esta pequeña historia me gustó mucho, me pareció clave para comprender la actitud de Zed y el flashback de infancia fue estupendo; es una lástima que su perspectiva fuera tan breve.

    23. It was so refreshing and intresting to read Zed's thoughts The pace wasn't too slow and it talked more about Zed's feelings than actual scenes. I hated how short it was.

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