Yawning at Tigers You Can t Tame God So Stop Trying A needed corrective to self indulgent Christianity Philip Yancey A stirring challenge Lee Strobel A strong antidote against a domesticated God Matthew Lee Anderson When was the last time you were over

  • Title: Yawning at Tigers: You Can't Tame God, So Stop Trying
  • Author: Drew Dyck
  • ISBN: 9781400205462
  • Page: 259
  • Format: ebook
  • A needed corrective to self indulgent Christianity Philip Yancey A stirring challenge Lee Strobel A strong antidote against a domesticated God Matthew Lee Anderson When was the last time you were overawed by God s majesty Have you ever stood in stunned silence at his holiness and power In our shallow, self centered age, things like truth and reverence might seem A needed corrective to self indulgent Christianity Philip Yancey A stirring challenge Lee Strobel A strong antidote against a domesticated God Matthew Lee Anderson When was the last time you were overawed by God s majesty Have you ever stood in stunned silence at his holiness and power In our shallow, self centered age, things like truth and reverence might seem outdated, lost Yet we re restless And our failed attempts to ease our unrest point to an ancient ache for an experience of the holy.Drew Dyck makes a compelling case that what we seek awaits us in the untamed God of Scripture a God who is dangerous yet accessible, mysterious yet powerfully present He is a God who beckons us to see him with a fresh, unfiltered gaze.Yawning at Tigers takes us past domesticated Christianity, into the wilds where God s raw majesty, love, and power become real and transformative than we could ever imagine.

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    1. Drew Dyck says:

      Drew Dyck Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Yawning at Tigers: You Can't Tame God, So Stop Trying book, this is one of the most wanted Drew Dyck author readers around the world.

    2 thoughts on “Yawning at Tigers: You Can't Tame God, So Stop Trying

    1. I'll be honestI started reading this book, arrogantly thinking that the topic wouldn't much apply to me. I already have a pretty hefty fear of God--I certainly do not see Him as my "buddy". In fact, my awe of Him sometimes even has an adverse effect--causing me to shy away from the time I so desperately need to spend in seeking Him out daily.However, as I dove deeper into this book, I realized, as I often do, that what I pridefully pride myself on, is often the very thing that I need to work on. [...]

    2. In this book Drew Dyck presents a God worth worshiping and a Savior worth giving your life to. My favorite chapters were Chapter 3: The God Worth Worshipping, Chapter 4: A Vision Of Holiness, and Chapter 8: Tenacity And Tenderness. The following quotes comes from Chapter 8:"We are conflicted creatures. On the one hand, we want to be known. We have a core-deep need to share the essence of who we are with others. On the other hand, we want others to accept us, to love us. So we create facades, hig [...]

    3. Yawning at Tigers. The title grabbed my attention. The book itself grabbed my spirit. I find myself yawning at God. We are so full of hearing God is grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love that we ignore that He is HOLY, and He calls us to be the same. This book brings us back into balance. As Dyck says, he begins with God because today even our worship time focuses on US; then he works his way through the God of wrath and what that means to the God of love and what that means in the context of His [...]

    4. This was a refreshing book. Somewhere I read an appropriate sub title for this book, "Honey, I Shrunk our God." That is the basic premise of this book, Dyke sets out to rectify it. He paints a clear, sharp picture of God from the scriptures with plenty of illustrations to help us grasp the in-graspable. The opening sentence pretty well captures the message, "People are starving for the awe of God." It is a great read and a good one for rereading. It will awaken you to the God you may have been y [...]

    5. When I first saw this book the title alone gripped me. I added it to my 2015 reading list with the intention of challenging my view of God in a healthy way. Far too often we settle on a view of God that in many ways is nothing like what we see described in the Bible. In my opinion…how we view God will directly correlate to how we approach Him as well. May we never settle for assuming we have God all “figured out” but continually seek to know Him more!In Yawning at Tigers, Drew Dyck, has ap [...]

    6. When was the last time you heard a sermon or read something remotely close to God’s holiness? How about the last time prior to that? I bet that will probably leave you scratching your head for a little while. Now compare that with the love of God, i’m sure that would be an easy question to answer, but wouldn’t it surprise you that God is far more often praised for his holiness in the bible? What’s with this skewness in our churches today?With this concern in mind, Drew Dyck hopes to remi [...]

    7. This is a very enjoyable book with a clear call to see fully the reality of God, his holiness and his love. We can slide into patterns of embracing one side over the other but Dyck calls for a course correction winsomely and engagingly. This book will push you to humble yourself before the overwhelming mystery of God and rest in his loving and gracious embrace of us.

    8. A good introduction to the nature and character of God, focusing particularly on his holiness (or his "big-ness"). Felt like the beginning was really strong, but the second part of the book meandered somewhat.

    9. This is probably close to 3 1/2 stars but it’s still a good book. It started out strong with Dyck feeling that we do not see God as we should. He says “We might imagine that God is a sort of Superman, just like you and me but with additional powers. But that kind of thinking betrays a dangerous illusion about Gods nature. The truth is that God is radically different from us, in degree and kind. He is ontologically dissimilar, wholly other, dangerous, alien, holy and wild.” Dyck is also obv [...]

    10. Well, Drew Dyck, you've hit it out of the park with this one. Although there is nothing essentially new here, Drew does a marvelous job of presenting the two main characteristics of God: His holiness and His mercy. Too often we forgo one for the other. Clearly written, Dyck also draws on the writings of many authors who have gone before. Since Drew is a good friend of my son-in-law, I am extra pleased that I can give this a glowing review.

    11. 4.5 stars. I really liked this author’s approach to some of the harder to embrace parts of the Old Testament. I wish he had kept going a bit further along those lines but nonetheless, it was a good start.

    12. I really like what the author is getting at here; that we domesticate God and make him safe and tame. And I think the first half of the book does a god job of getting us to think about why and how we attempt to tame God and what the repercussions of that are for our lives and our communities.But then in the second half of the book I felt like he slowly slipped back into rather conventional approaches to Christianity with a focus on Jesus and God's love. Not that there is anything wrong necessari [...]

    13. I really like the first half of the book, but the second half was not as satisfying. I would still recommend it because of how powerful the first half is.

    14. I just finished Yawning at Tigers: You Can't Tame God, So Stop Trying by Drew Dyck. Let me begin by saying that one should never review a book based on the Kindle version. Though a more inexpensive alternative (and handy for reading at the gym), I miss the ease of going back to find specifics. That being the case, this will be more general than normal.When initially seeing the main title of this book, I immediately thought it would be yet another Christian motivational work, but the subtitle was [...]

    15. Do you look forward to entering into the presence of God? Really? In this life? Do you fear God? Should you? Drew Dyck says “We have forgotten how big God is!” Using the ocean he does a great job of illustrating the incredible power of God that overwhelms us at times. At the same time it is filled with beauty and life and provides life. But in the very size there is a danger. Doing a great job of going through the Old Testament scriptures and pointing out that Divine encounters were terrifyi [...]

    16. Due to be released this month, ‘Yawning at Tigers’ is not your stereotypical, feel good Christian book. I would seriously recommend that newer Christians wait to read this one until they grown in their faith. Even seasoned Christians may be taken aback at the ways in which God is described. No doubt, many readers will mistake many of the books points as describing only a God of wrath.I understand Mr. Dyck’s point of view. I also agree that often times, our modern Christianity fits God into [...]

    17. Yawning At Tigers presents a fuller perspective of who is God. It points out how the majority of people only look at one or two aspects of God's character. Basically explaining how people have brought God closer to our own level, rather than the level God is actually at. Therefore resulting in God not receiving the true and full reverence and fear that is due Him.I discovered many truths in Yawning At Tigers. It allowed me to take a closer look at the holiness and righteousness of God. There are [...]

    18. pagebypagebookbybook.Drew Dyck’s Yawning at Tigers serves as a powerful reminder of God’s character. So often we as Christians tend to boil God down to a manageable, understandable being – one who fits neatly and comfortably wherever needed. Yet, by shrinking God, we lose sight of His awesome greatness – holiness, righteousness, love. Dyck addresses these often neglected characteristics of God, as well as the importance of recognizing them. He roots his explanations in Biblical truths, y [...]

    19. The premise of this book, that we shrink God down to a size we understand thus remove his awesomeness, hit home because it is something not only have I done but seen in similar instances that Drew Dyck cited. I loved how he used personal and media stories to introduce the topic of each chapter, bring it home, and the quotes he used to support his points. I also love that, despite this book is about not shrinking God to being your best bud but also seeing his wonder and power, it was not a fire a [...]

    20. The title intrigued me: the idea of a safe, friendly, unassuming, trite "daddy"God is so pervasive. He is perceived more like a magic genie-in-a-bottle God than the King of all creation. Naturally, Drew Dyck's metaphor of the majesty and otherness of "God as a tiger" attracted me.But this book was much more than an exposé on the American Church culture. The author's use storytelling drenched in the Christ-centered theology impacted my yet much to small view of God. Dyck states, "We’re not mov [...]

    21. Dyck has some excellent points in this book. He starts out by questioning our church services. Are they calm, orderly, predictable? Then perhaps we are not truly worshiping the God of the Bible. He tends to be unpredictable, surprising. He concentrates in the first part of the book on how we have shrunk God down to our size. We need a new vision of His holiness. That will shake us up. The second part of the book is on how we tame down God's love. I found that part of the book not as good as the [...]

    22. Drew Dyck's book was stunning to read. Once I finished, I immediately opened it again and read part one all over again. The vision of God's holiness, beauty, and majesty that he calls readers to engage is amazing and much-needed. While most of us have no problem accepting the love and forgiveness of a merciful God, many of us treat him as all too common and have somehow lost sight of the greatness of God. God is imminent, yes, but he is also transcendent and demands that we strive for holiness. [...]

    23. In his book “Yawning at Tigers,” author Drew Dyck challenges us to not settle for the comfortable and commonplace and be a part of a greater adventure in following the mysterious, majestic, and dangerous God! “In our attempt to make the message palatable,” we have made God small. We domesticate the divine and thereby remove the reverence, the power, and the awe. Drew shares an incredible analogy by talking about the ocean. The ocean is beautiful and brings peace and consternation because [...]

    24. The problem is ancient. We believed the devil and imagined ourselves to be like GOD. We are image bearers, not replicas. So, quite frequently, we humans construct a new box to keep GOD in. And, like the tower of Babel, He comes way down to examine our handy work like a scientist with an electron microscope. Drew does an amazing job of busting up a few of those boxes. Jesus flipped the money changers tables because they polluted a house of prayer. Drew's book is in that spirit. We should not wors [...]

    25. I heard the author interviewed in the podcast, Authors on Line. He described his book with great zeal his description was compelling. Unfortunately, I expected something different from the reading. Its not really shallow, but it seemed to read that way. I expected something more "rock my world." The collection of quotes and stories was were tiresome. However, the concept is powerful and without a doubt I believe we minimize God and fail to embrace his powerful stance our lives and in our world. [...]

    26. When I first read the title of this book, I was intrigued. What in the world does yawning at tigers have to do with the topic of trying to tame God? Hook. Set. Reel it in. Maybe you too are intrigued. You should be.In Yawning At Tigers,Drew Dyck discusses several topics centered around the theme of God's holiness and love. While it is difficult to summarize this book in a paragraph, I can give you a drive-by, whistle-stop tour. finish this review at:christian-intellect.c

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