Where the Heart is A Sexy BWWM Interracial Romance Jamie Parks and Simon Blake were childhood friends They grew up together and were inseparable from the time they were in diapers until it was time to leave for college

  • Title: Where the Heart is
  • Author: Cristina Grenier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Sexy BWWM Interracial Romance Jamie Parks and Simon Blake were childhood friends They grew up together and were inseparable from the time they were in diapers until it was time to leave for college Simon moved to the city, hoping to realize his dream of being a successful doctor, while Jamie stayed in their little no name town, going to community college and taking ca A Sexy BWWM Interracial RomanceJamie Parks and Simon Blake were childhood friends They grew up together and were inseparable from the time they were in diapers until it was time to leave for college Simon moved to the city, hoping to realize his dream of being a successful doctor, while Jamie stayed in their little no name town, going to community college and taking care of her sick mother And though they had promised to keep in touch so nothing would chance between them, their last night together is the last night they see each other for a long time It s been seven years since then, and neither of them can honestly say that they are completely happy with they way their lives have turned out But when Simon comes back home for his first visit in seven years, Jamie s feelings for him come back with a vengeance, despite how angry she is at him for essentially cutting her out of his life She knows that it s not going to go anywhere, not when he s got money and new friends and a fancy life a couple hundred miles away, but for two weeks, she wants to pretend like they have a chance When a drunken accident results in than either of them were bargaining for, they will be forced to examine their relationship and see what s there to salvage.

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    • Unlimited [Religion Book] ê Where the Heart is - by Cristina Grenier ↠
      135 Cristina Grenier
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    1. Cristina Grenier says:

      Hello,So this is the part were I m supposed to talk about myself I write so many stories but I often I have a hard time telling my own Funny how that works.My name is Cristina Grenier and I have been writing stories for as long as I could remember I m a sucker for romance I draw from past experiences and from others around me when I write I enjoy creating characters that everyone can relate to.Besides writing, I also enjoy painting and figure drawing I m a bit of a homebody, my ideal night consists of a chilled bottle of wine, some pasta and Netflix I really hope you enjoy the stories I create If you want to keep updated on my new releases and frequent FREE book giveaways, please subscribe to my email group at cristinagrenierOn Social Media LET S CONNECT facebook authorcristinagrenierpinterest cristinagrenier

    2 thoughts on “Where the Heart is

    1. I won't be finishing this. Schizophrenic tone and idiotic hero who treats his loved ones like crap, including the heroine. Demonstrative of why I rarely buy IR books anymore. Sex doesn't equal romance.

    2. SweetI love best friends romances and this was a great addition to what I've read in the past.Jamie and Simon have been besties since elementary school and somewhere along the way, they fell in love. However since neither party wanted to admit their feelings, they drifted apart when Simon went to college. Simon was a bit annoying because he is freaking clueless but when you think about it, most men are. Jamie is a spitfire that Simon needed to spur him on.The end was beautiful but I would like t [...]

    3. The ending though! Wait it just end like that?? Oh wow!! Well all in all a decent read. I understood where Jamie was coming from. She was just trying to keep the friendship going and not complicate things. But I would have told him my feelings. I'm a little upset at the ending.

    4. This to shall Pass!I receive this book free of chare and am doing this review so hopefully you to will read it. It be worth your while. Thee are strong characters that have to come together and work out if this is a relationship worth keeping this story about journey to find love and hope! It is so well done that you forget this is a story and not your family that is going it all.

    5. Love in the distanceExciting read of star crossed lovers becoming stronger in spite of the curve life has dealt them the contrast of city life versus o ne in the small town presents a challenge I hope part 2 gives us the readers a simple solution

    6. Love When you love someone and neither person wants to admit the fact but cannot seem to move on from it. This is a great book about young love that had to weather the storm to make.

    7. Got from Cristina Grenier newsletter for a honest review.Loved the Jamie and Simon's characters. Simon made me want to sit him down and have a long talk with him. Get him to pull his head out of the sand. The story was well written and different. It nice to see something close to real life at times. Was glad to see them working on building a life togetherank you for letting read your story.

    8. This book is extremely weak. The writing is just okay. The grammar is sketchy. The characters are weak and one dimensional. The male is a coward and selfish. The female is a doormat. She should have called the male on his BS several times, and give him a real consequence for what he did, not a dang bj. You do not feel the chemistry and you do not care if they are together or not. Heck, the female is probably better without the 'man'. There is no character growth, no relationship progression. The [...]

    9. Cute StoryThis was a good solid story,that made you think about something better with the person you love.I got that with the two main characters,only I think it's going to take them a minute to realize that leaving isn't the answer.Now I have a couple of minor issues with the happy couple.My biggest problem is that Simon is a doctor ,a surgeon no less and I expected him at some point to go in doctor mode not only with the pregnancy but with mothers condition never does.This is a solid read I ju [...]

    10. It was just an ok read, there was just something about Simon that never seemed to fully connect romantically with Jamie because he really only wanted to be friends with benefits--when he's in town. He was too reserved/stand-offish but always ready to have sex of course, I actually would have rather seen Jamie exploring a relationship with Adam who had loved her from afar for so long & also wanted to actually be in a relationship with her regardless.

    11. So Beautiful!This love story captured my heart from the beginning. I thank you for creating a well written story that held my attention from beginning to end. Jaime pined away for her best friend for way to long but it eventually became worth it. They make such a cute pair they can't share their feelings for each other. I was so happy when he came to her. I can't wait to read the rest of your books! You're now one of my favorite authors.

    12. Cute I like books with Pregnancy in it and books with best friends to loversThis book has both and I loved it !!Jamie and Simon are great together .I loved they were childhood friends and coming to grips with the feelings they have for each other.The book ended with some questions Like what’s the baby’s name?What happened with her mom (cancer)?But thank god for book 2 !I really enjoyed this sweet story

    13. 41/2 starsThis was a good book. I found a few typo's and missing words. But the story wasn't to bad. I (personally) hate weak heroines and she certainly was from forgiving so quick to just catering to all his needs. But / I'd like to see a little more action in the next installment (if there's to be one)

    14. Becoming one of my favorite authors.This book was a compelling story about childhood friends turned lovers. A great storyline. I admit at times I became frustrated with Simon but could easily fall in love with the spirit of the character. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an entertaining read with a good storyline.

    15. Lasting loveThis was a good book. At first I didn't like how clueless Simon was but then I saw how scared he was and that the carelessness used to avoid his hometown was a defense mechanism for his heart and emotions. The author did a good job of showing the relationship of all the characters in the small town. You could feel the love from them for Jaime.

    16. Simon and JamieI felt the book had a few grammar errors, but it was still a good read. I enjoyed reading and loved how the author was able to incorporate the secondary characters into the book without taking away from the main characters.

    17. Tears of JoySimon and Jaime were childhood sweetheart who have not spoken in some years. But through understanding,and forgiveness Jaime accepted Simon reason for leaving their small town. Can't wait to read part 2

    18. Friendship and RelationshipIt is not easy to deal with feelings with your best friend. Even though they were friends, they couldn't admit to themselves how they really feel until years later. It's good to see that love wins in the end.

    19. Wonderful!It is amazing how a couple who grew up together, spent time together end up being together it's known that anything is possible!! Love the book can't wait to read the next one.

    20. two thumbs upSuch a great story. I love Cristina's books. But girllll don't ever end a story like that leaving me hanging. I want to know what happened,where did they live, what happened next. Ughhhh

    21. New Author for me loved itLoved the story, the characters and love they were not perfect. Love hero wasn't billionaire and that had to deal with real life situation such as career choices, distance to figure out their relationship. Love the secondary characters too.

    22. This was a good story. Wish it was longer. I loved that race was never mentioned or made into a focal point of the story. Very refreshing! I will check out more from this writer.

    23. UmLong drawn out. I took everything for me to finish this book. Sorry I just couldn't get into it. The whole time I thought Simon was a duche.

    24. Love itLove this story it is hot and very very sexy sweet and loving I can't wait to read more 5 stars

    25. Nice read. I love to read books where relationships are started over. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read book 2.

    26. Loved You A Long TimeThis was a okay read. Two best friends from the stars of elementary school. This is one of the types of teen love with no communications.

    27. I loved this book It had me wondering was Simon was ever going to get it together but he finally got it together before the end of the book

    28. Shor read but very good. The best thing about this was the development of the characters and the storyline.

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