The Second Wife If you want to live you must let go of the pastTwenty eight year old Psychologist Alisha Dimarchi is abducted by an obsessed client and imprisoned in his Pakistani compound for over two years Force

  • Title: The Second Wife
  • Author: Kishan Paul
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  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If you want to live, you must let go of the pastTwenty eight year old Psychologist, Alisha Dimarchi, is abducted by an obsessed client and imprisoned in his Pakistani compound for over two years Forced to change her name and live as his second wife, her life is filled with trauma and heartbreak Thrust into a world of violence and oppression, Ally must fight not only tIf you want to live, you must let go of the pastTwenty eight year old Psychologist, Alisha Dimarchi, is abducted by an obsessed client and imprisoned in his Pakistani compound for over two years Forced to change her name and live as his second wife, her life is filled with trauma and heartbreak Thrust into a world of violence and oppression, Ally must fight not only to keep herself alive but to protect the lives of the people she now considers family At night, she retreats into her memories of the only man she has ever loved a man she believes no longer loves her.Thirty four year old handsome surgeon, David Dimarchi, has spent the last two years mourning the disappearance of his wife After a painful and isolated existence, he begins the process of healing It is then that he is visited by a stranger, who informs him that Ally is very much alive and needs his help In a desperate attempt to save her, David enlists the help of a mercenary Together they find themselves in the center of than just a rescue mission Will he be able to reach her in time and if he does, will she still want him

    The Second Wife by Sheryl Browne The Second Wife is a book about how women can be manipulated not just by men but by women too Nicole decided to celebrate the year anniversary of getting out of an abusive relationship when she met the perfect man for her Within months she had sold her home, married and bought a new house with husband Richard. The Second Wife Nov , The Second Wife In the early s, a Sicilian single mother marries an older, crass widowed truck driver When he is arrested trying to smuggle an antique, she ends up falling in love with her handsome stepson. The Second Wife by Kishan Paul The Second Wife If you want to live, you must let go of the past Twenty eight year old Psychologist, Alisha Dimarchi, is abducted by an obsessed client and imprisoned in his Pakistani compound for over two years Forced to change her name and live as his second wife, The Second Wife The Second Wife Series Book The Second Wife is a full on thriller with a hint of romance Ally is a psychologist happily married to surgeon David in Philadelphia She has no idea that one of her psychotherapy clients, Sayeed, is an arms dealer hell bent on having her as his wife. The Second Wife The Second Wife A recently married couple face the intrinsic dynamics of a couple s relationship during personal turmoil Themes of love, exploration and the symbolism of marriage flow throughout The See full summary. Truths About Being A Second Wife Psychology Today I love being the first wife, second wife is a really difficult position to be as others have said there are so many assumptions to be made and these made worse when children are involved. The Second Wife by Sheryl Browne on Apple Books Jan , Read a free sample or buy The Second Wife by Sheryl Browne You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Being My Husband s Second Wife PairedLife Apr , A second wife often has to play second fiddle to the children from the first marriage She can be hurt and alone and confused by why this is happening Bitterness can build in her if she is neglected, or if she is given too much of a role in caring for her step children. Challenges of Being the Second Wife Marriage Oh, this is your second wife There is just something you feel from people when they realize you are the second wife like you are the consolation prize, only second place For some reason, people are far less accepting of a second wife.

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      From daring escapes by tough women to chivalrous men swooping in to save the day, the creativity switch to Kishan Paul s brain is always in the on position If daydreaming stories were a college course, Kish would graduate with honors.Mother of two beautiful children, she has been married to her best friend for over 16 years With the help of supportive family and friends, she balances her family, a thriving counseling practice, and writing without sinking into insanity.Upcoming releases Her contemporary romance, Blind Love, was published by Samhain Publications June 2,2015.Her romantic suspense, The Second Wife, was released November 2015 Her contemporary romance novelette, Taking the Plunge, is currently available for free at most major ebook sites She can be found at kishanpaulfacebook KishanPaulAuitter kishan_paulpinterest kishanpaulSign up for her newsletter at mad signups 119110 joinIf you d like to join her street team, Kish s Collective, here s the sign up forms d 1y27i

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    1. **** 4.5 Stars ****Wow this was not what I was expecting. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I'm so glad I got the opportunity to read The Second Wife. This was so heavy and emotional. Alisha was abducted by a powerful terrorist. She was abused, tortured, and broken. The only thing that encouraged her to survive was thinking of her husband in Philadelphia. "Your name is no longer Alisha. It is now Sara Irfani. You are the wife of Sayeed Irfani."After two years in Pakistan, she was shown a pictu [...]

    2. Of all the books that I have read, my favorite are those that stick with me after I have finished. You know those books right? The ones that make you wonder, envision, try to work out how the ending happened, dissect any and all clues you may have missed? Well The Second Wife is one of those amazing stories. Kishan Paul has hit a home-run with this suspenseful masterpiece!I guess I wasn't entirely sure what I was getting myself into but lets put it this way. I started the book last night, at lik [...]

    3. Client From Hell Kishan Paul shows her range as an author in this psychological thriller set in Pakistan. Her debut novel Blind Love was a contemporary romance with a hint of suspense. The Second Wife is a full-on thriller with a hint of romance.Ally is a psychologist happily married to surgeon David in Philadelphia. She has no idea that one of her psychotherapy clients, Sayeed, is an arms dealer hell bent on having her as his wife. He abducts her and steals her away to Pakistan where he forces [...]

    4. This is one of those books that will grab your attention and not leave you alone, it stays with you and makes you think. This is about a woman who was kidnapped and taken to Pakistan to live as the second wife to her kidnapper. No longer Ally, she must become Sara in order to survive her ordeal. As Sara learns how to cope with her new curcumstances and surroundings, she discovers she has people who care for her and are doing what they can to protect her. Dave, Ally's husband, still can't believe [...]

    5. Gabi's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThis book Gripped me tight and didn’t let go. I am still tingly thinking about this book after I’ve read it. This book was offered to me by one of my fellow reviewers. She knew I liked darker reads and thought I would be a good fit for this book. I seriously could not thank her enough when I was finished. This book was amazing in so many ways.This book is scary for me, with the times we live in this book could be someone’s legitimate nig [...]

    6. Kishan Paul’s writing shines in this beautifully written psychological thriller filled with heart-gripping emotion as the heroine unearths an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed.

    7. This story was exciting and scary all at the same time. Alisha is taken away from the only life she has known and sucked into a horror of a life. Trying to survive everyday of her hell, only opening up her heart to the children around her. She is most definitely a survivor and keeps herself strong to protect those she holds dear. When she thinks life can't get any worse things start tumbling down around her. David's love for Alisha is the only thing keeping him going on, even when he is at the w [...]

    8. wow wow wow, this book is even better than the first one. How would act if you were kidnapped and tortured for over 2 years. this is what happened to Alisha/Ali/Sara. there are all the same depending who you're important to. This woman suffered traumatically and found the strength to help others during this crisis in her life. This book explain in many details life as a prisoner in the middle east where woman have no voice what so ever. How about your husband when all this is happening do you mo [...]

    9. Having read and reviewed Blind Love, I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to read an advance of her latest book. While the two books could not possibly be more different, I have tostay I absolutely loved this book. The Second Wife is a dark psychological thriller that may actually trouble some readers due to the intensity of the subject matter. The main character, Alisha, is kidnapped and held captive for over two years in Pakistan. Her captor is determined that she must bear him a son and [...]

    10. I read this book back in 2015 when it was first released, my thoughts on it hasn’t changed much at all. I will be redoing my review to incorporate my thoughts on the audio. I do have to add that this story is so different from the writing I am used to from this author it really delivers quite a push in so many ways. As the book takes off you will be going on an adventure with many twist and turns that will hold you on the edge making you want to cry, hold your breath and do a little cursing of [...]

    11. Just reading the intriguing book description of Kishan Paul's The Second Wife is surely enough to drive you to one-click this book or in my case, go sign up for an ARC copy. I'm happy and honored to have received a pre-release copy and excited to share my 5 star review of this brilliant and riveting book! This is not my first Kishan Paul book. I just loved Blind Love as well. In The Second Wife, Kishan Paul has written a carefully constructed, emotionally impacting story I won't soon forget. Fro [...]

    12. INTENSE.That is the best way to describe The Second Wife. Although I found it in the Romance category on NetGalley, I think it is more accurate to call it a story of drama, action and suspense. I am an extremely picky reader, and if a book does not pull me in right away, I put it down and move on to something else. However, after just the first chapter, this story completely sucked me in and I could not turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen next.As told in the blurb, Al [...]

    13. This book was gifted to me for a honest review, Thank you.I was very excited to read this book and it did not disappoint. So much was going on and from beginning til the end you get to read this story about a woman who went through hell and came out of it. Alley was brave, she did not give up. You get this story of this woman who gets kidnapped and forced to be the second wife to this horrible man and endure horrible situations with this man, in another country for two years. Alley is no longer [...]

    14. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Kishan Paul is an author to watch. I read her debut book, Blind Love when I was approved for an ARC on NetGalley, and immediately fell in love with her writing and her characters. She gives her characters a depth and complexity that is often lacking in romance novels. I’ve eagerly awaited a new book from this author for awhile, so imagine my excitement when The Second Wife appeared on my NetGalley dashboard; I don’t think I’ve ever been so an [...]

    15. Wow! Just WOW! I received this copy for a fair review and I am blown away! This book kept me up late, woke me up early. The characters were calling me to finish this story. It was heart wrenching and dramatic and quite a nail biter. I was in awe of the strength that Sara had and how this story came together. I am also impressed with how the author was sympathetic to the PTSD that Sara faced and how everyone was effected by this horrific thing that happens to women and children daily. I recommend [...]

    16. WOW I cannot immagine how she managedI was appalled with the treatment, but more so by the complete absense of humanity by the abductor. What I mean is that he doesn't feel that he's doing anything wrong. For him all is normal and he really doens't understand why Alisha is unhappy!!!It is a thing that make you shiver

    17. This ARC was provided and received in exchange for an honest review.5 SUPRISING THE HELL OUTTA ME STARSWOW! Where do I even begin to gush about this book? This story is a darker read and does have some elements that may be triggers for some readers including terroristic plots, plans, and actions; along with domestic violence, domestic terrorizing, kidnapping, and loss. It is not graphically erotic, but does have sexual situations. This story is a complete standalone novel told in alternating POV [...]

    18. I was given a copy exchange for my honest review. For me this book grabbed me right away the first part of the read you are already thrown into the craziness of what's going on. Ally has been kidnapped and she wakes up so scared fearful and you get that off of her right away the panic the fear and her trying to remember what happened what's going on where is she. And also in the beginning of the book you learn what her husband Dave is going through what's happening with him while she's missing. [...]

    19. My reviewThis is one of those books that will suck you in from the start and hang on to you till the end. To say it’s a page turner is an understatement, this is a book that will toy with your emotions, mess with your head and make you thank god that you did not have to endure what Alisha did.Alisha is a 28 year old married psychologist. She is kidnapped by a client and taken to Pakistan to live as his second wife. Her name is changed from Alisha to Sara. Alisha knows she has to do what she ha [...]

    20. The Second Wife, Look for this to stay with you well after you are done reading it!!I have no idea where to begin with this book. It was given to me for an honest review. I had never heard of this author and wasn’t sure at first if this was something I was interested in reading. Let me tell you – this book is off the charts with gut wrenching emotion, vivid imagery and raw power! It is a story of everlasting love of one couple’s journey of brutal separation and emotional homecoming. David [...]

    21. It's absolutely official now; I am head over heels for Kishan Paul's work and the anticipation for more releases by her, is even higher now! This book highlights her cleverness to a whole new level with a horrifying scenario and a love that could never be extinguished, no matter how big of a whirlwind storm that brews between them. I have never been this afraid for fictional characters before! I found myself teary-eyed more times than I can count watching what these two characters have to endure [...]

    22. Wow! This book is so different than anything I've ever read, and I loved it! The story is one I will definitely not forget. It's about a woman who is kidnapped and taken to Pakistan, where she is forced to marry her captor. Her life is brutally horrific, but along the way, she develops deep relationships with a few people that are important to the story. Meanwhile, her "real" husband struggles with her disappearance for years. When he is given a tip that she may be alive, it's a complete toss-up [...]

    23. Wow Wow Wow!!!What an incredibly spectacular book. The Second Wife is a heart wrenching, raw and amazingly written book. From the first page I was mesmerized with Ali, who is one incredibly strong willed women. Abducted by a killer/terrorist . Ali was assaulted, battered, bruise, demoralized and still remained so incredibly brave. Two years plus later Ali's husband David still is looking for her and will move heaven and earth to get her back. This is one of the most powerful stories that I have [...]

    24. It didn't even take me a full 24 hours to read this book! No matter how many times I tried to put it down it kept calling me. im still trying to gather my emotions and put them into words but am really impressed about the strength that Sara has! A lot of women in her shoes would have given up long before Sara ever did. Her need to help those who felt like family before herself showed her true strength! This is one book you don't want to miss!

    25. The Second Wife is one of those rare novels that will lurk in the back of your mind for weeks. With stunning precision,Kishan Paul throws the reader into a world of clandestine organizations and brutal politics. The gripping characters wrench your heart and make you cringe with fear. A rollercoaster of suspense and emotion not to be missed.

    26. Wow what a great book. The emotion in this book is just fantastic, very well balanced. Looking forward to the next book now. Would recommend if you like gritty dark real books. Loved it.

    27. Don't start at night if you have an early morning!Make sure you have a stress ball and a box of tissues ready before reading this one.Intense. Gripping. Dark. Sensual. Heartbreakingly real. I don't do dark, but I'm glad I took a chance with "The Second Wife." I found myself on a masterful rollercoaster of an emotional ride. I cheered. I cried. I railed. I loved. Oh, how I love these two characters! I appreciate Ms Paul bringing the very real issue of human trafficking into the forefront.This cou [...]

    28. This was not an enjoyable book. The pain and devastation Ally goes through is beyond upsetting/disturbing, and at one point I seriously just had to set the book aside because I didn't know how much more this poor woman could take. And Dave had his own hell to contend with, not knowing the trauma his wife was going through while trying to move on with his life.That being said it was an engrossing, well-written story and I couldn't look away, so it deserves it's four stars.

    29. This is SUCH a different type of romance. It blew me away.The way the subject matter was handled was masterful. Yes, the story is dark, but it doesn't feel grotesque, graphic or gory. The characters were fully developed and complex to the point you want to re-read the book to absorb all the layers. The plot was compellingrivetingI read it in one sitting. I had such a book hangover I forced myself to read two novellas to shake the feeling. It was that beautiful.The biggest thing that still strike [...]

    30. I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in this review are my own. Kishan Paul's story and characters jumped off the pages and into this reader's heart and mind. I really enjoyed reading about Ali and David in this book. Paul's depiction of such an ethnic, politically and culturally charged storyline felt very authentic and true to the heart of the writer. Paul's truth and voice opened up the mind of this reader and made me appreciate what things could be li [...]

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