George BE WHO YOU AREWhen people look at George they think they see a boy But she knows she s not a boy She knows she s a girl George thinks she ll have to keep this a secret forever Then her teacher announ

  • Title: George
  • Author: Alex Gino
  • ISBN: 9780545812580
  • Page: 272
  • Format: ebook
  • BE WHO YOU AREWhen people look at George, they think they see a boy But she knows she s not a boy She knows she s a girl.George thinks she ll have to keep this a secret forever Then her teacher announces that their class play is going to be Charlotte s Web George really, really, REALLY wants to play Charlotte But the teacher says she can t even try out for the part WHO YOU AREWhen people look at George, they think they see a boy But she knows she s not a boy She knows she s a girl.George thinks she ll have to keep this a secret forever Then her teacher announces that their class play is going to be Charlotte s Web George really, really, REALLY wants to play Charlotte But the teacher says she can t even try out for the part because she s a boy With the help of her best friend, Kelly, George comes up with a plan Not just so she can be Charlotte but so everyone can know who she is, once and for all.

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    1. Alex Gino says:

      Alex Gino loves glitter, ice cream, gardening, awe ful puns, and stories that reflect the diversity and complexity of being alive.When Alex started writing GEORGE in 2003, they had no idea how long a journey it would be, but the hole in children s literature was clear, and they knew how they wanted to fill it Now, after countless revisions, breaks of frustration, and days spent staring at drafts willing them to be better, Alex is delighted and proud to present GEORGE to the world.

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    1. Middle grade contemporary fiction. This is a sweet, poignant novel about an elementary school student named George, who was born a boy but knows in her heart that she is a girl. When the chance comes to do the school's yearly production of Charlotte's Web, George knows that she wants to be Charlotte, the wise and kind mother spider, but will taking the role force her to reveal more about her true self than she is ready to share?This is a fast read, great for giving elementary kids a glimpse of w [...]

    2. George stopped. It was such a short, little question, but she couldn’t make her mouth form the sounds.Mom, what if I’m a girl?This might be the most important novel released this year. George is a sensitive, honest, and much-needed story about a girl who - biologically - was born as a boy. The simplicity of the story makes it even more emotional. Alex Gino never tries too hard to turn this book into a lesson, and there is no attempt to make us cry, but - personally - I think the subtle sadne [...]

    3. This year, only two books have made me cry so hard I had to stop reading. This was one of them.But it's not because it's sad--it's actually a sweet, hopeful book filled with the ordinary joys of childhood. It's more the understanding of how isolated the Georges of the world must feel, and the hope that every single one of us takes the time to listen, to understand, to be supportive, and to be kind. Review to come.

    4. I honestly could not give this book any less than 5 stars. It was beautiful and heartwarming. I felt so much for George and really connected to her. This book is just so important, and whilst as a middle-grade this is an easy ready with a simple writing style, I think that everyone should read it.

    5. I think I'll be filming a video review about this one, so I'll keep it brief: This was fantastic. The writing was a bit too simple for my taste (it's written for children, so it makes sense) but other than that it was perfect.

    6. “My point is, it takes a special person to cry over a book. It shows compassion as well as imagination.”This review contains *spoilers*.I needed a breather after Crooked Kingdom, so George came at the perfect time for me to pick up. The premise of this middle-grade novel tells the story of Melissa, a ten-year-old girl who desperately wants to play Charlotte in her classroom’s theatrical production of Charlotte’s Web.“I want to be Charlotte,” George whispered.Kelly shrugged. “That [...]

    7. I want to hug this book. I also want to hug George. Not only is this middle grade book heart-warming and engaging, it’s also eye-opening and important. Sadly, there are few books out there for children with transsexual characters, let alone main characters.This book and GRACEFULLY GRAYSON are very similar. They don’t read the same way exactly (I enjoyed the former better), but they both deal with young transsexual characters who want desperately to be themselves but fear the reaction of othe [...]

    8. This was so wonderful. I've said this before but I LOVE seeing LGBTQ+ middle grade books. Society has a problem of thinking these topics are inappropriate for kids and that is so backwards and harmful. This is about George/Melissa, a 10 year old girl born as a boy. I loved how Gino used female pronouns through the entire book. This was so lovely to see, since George thought of herself as a girl. Gino explained what transgender means in such a simple way for kids to understand.This book is so imp [...]

    9. Well, this was just exactly as good as everyone said it was. I'm so happy after finishing this.

    10. omgggg I AM HAVING AN EMOTION. Maybe even two emotions (which is a lot for my Vulcan soul). George is a downright adorable and heartwarming book. I wasn't sure if I'd like it purely because I usually struggle with being engaged with MG, but the voice and writing were PERFECT and the story was completely engaging and I adored George herself. Seriously, by the end I was grinning like a complete goofy grape. THIS BOOK. MY HEART. <3There are so many things to love in this book. A huge one is the [...]

    11. “It takes a special person to cry over a book. It shows compassion as well as imagination.”This book had me right from the start. George is such a sweet and special character. You want to hug her and tell her everything will be alright.I don't think I need to tell people how important representation is, especially for kids. I hope this book will help readers understand and open their eyes, as well as help many families and children in similar situations.Find more of my books on Instagram

    12. A George le dicen que es un chico, pero no siente que lo sea. Una novela sobre conocerse a sí mismo, ser aceptado y aceptarse.La historia que me he encontrado en esta novela me ha sorprendido y gustado a partes iguales. No me esperaba un tono tan 'infantil', pero creo que es justamente lo que la novela necesitaba. Una niña de unos diez años encerrada en un cuerpo de chico vive una pesadilla continúa, teniendo que ocultar su verdadera identidad de su familia, amigos y compañeros de clase.Con [...]

    13. This book is so lovely, well-done, and important! I wish I would have read this as a kid and I just adore the fact that it exists, especially as a kid's book. George's story is so relevant and heart touching and I love the way that this one was done! I just took a star off because since it is middle grade the writing was a bit simplistic, but it was still very quick and I will definitely be recommending this to people as an LGBTQ+ read!

    14. UNA NOVELA SENCILLA Y CERCANA A LA QUE LE FALTRA PROFUNDIDAD Y MADUREZ.George es una novela contemporánea con una protagonista transexual de diez años. Una novela que nos hace reflexionar, que pone el tema de la transexualidad sobre la mesa pero, que a mi gusto, se queda corta y está poco argumentada. Me ha faltado profundizar la transexualidad, me ha faltado romper con los estereotipos sobre la transexualidad y darle un poco más de contenido a la historia no centrándola solo en la cuestió [...]

    15. This book is so important. I mean,so important . Georgeexplains what transgender means and how it's manifested in kids and what it feels like for kids who are trans so simply and in a way that is so easy to understand. Granted, I am 19 years old and already know pretty well what transgender means but really Alex Gino put George/Melissa's situation in such simple terms that this has to be true. The best thing that Gino did inGeorgewas to refer to George in female pronouns the entire novel. Genius [...]

    16. I absolutely love everything about this. I really felt for George's character, who I think is relatable to a lot of people whether they're trans or not. I'm happy to be living at a time where books like this are available to young people, and I really hope its message can help promote acceptance and understanding in everyone; teachers and parents included.

    17. "George" es la simple y linda historia de una niña llamada Melissa, quien a sus diez años no quiere ni ansía nada más que ser Charlotte, el personaje que merece y le corresponde en la obra teatral de su escuela. ¿El problema? Melissa es un George o al menos eso es lo que todos a su alrededor ven. Melissa se siente atrapada en un cuerpo que no le corresponde, teme mirar su órgano extraño al bañarse, aborrece la clase de gimnasia y a sus asquerosos compañeros del sexo opuesto. Sin embargo [...]

    18. George is a children's book unlike any other and is much needed in today's ever changing, ever transitioning world. George looks like a boy on the outside, but on the inside she knows she's a girl. When it's announced that George's class will perform Charlotte's Web for the school play, George yearns to be cast as Charlotte. But Charlotte is a girl's part, and George can't even tryout because everyone thinks she's a boy. George sets her sights on playing Charlotte and devises a plan to prove who [...]

    19. This review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.Before I get into my review of this story, I need to tell you a little bit about myself, because my own personal experiences heavily impacted my thoughts on this novel.When I was in elementary school, I did swim team and softball. In middle school, I gravitated towards martial arts and rock climbing. In high school, I played a lot of tennis, basketball and bowling. I went to college to go work in motorsports. Starting in middle school, I started [...]

    20. “My point is, it takes a special person to cry over a book. It shows compassion as well as imagination.”A must read for all those who have ever felt different than the average.In George we follow the story of this child that everybody sees as a boy but what they don't know is that he is actually a she.There's not really a lot to say about this book, just that it's an important read that can teach you tons of things about trans people. It's also important that kids start to learn and get invo [...]

    21. Desde mi desconocimiento del tema, creo que refleja de manera realista la situación de los niños transexuales hoy en día y las posibles reacciones de su entorno.Pero aparte de lo "valiente" del tema y lo acertado del enfoque, es una novela sencilla en la que no he encontrado nada más.

    22. First of all, I am so happy that this book exists. More books like this need to exist. George is one of those books that is beyond important, especially because it is written for the middle grade audience. I have come across a few other novels that deal with the same themes as George, but none of them have been written for children.George is about a young girl who is trapped in a young boy’s body. George knows she is a girl and she is beginning to experience the effects of feeling stuck in the [...]

    23. “But the world isn't always good to people who are different. I just don't want you to make your road any harder than it has to be.”“Trying to be a boy is really hard.”George was assigned male at birth, but she's known most of her life that she's a girl. But nobody knows. Nobody knows about the magazines in her closet she looks at when she's feeling sad, or that she wants to play Charlotte at her school's representation of Charlotte's Web. Nobody, until she comes out to her best friend K [...]

    24. PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW!!!I don't want someone to see this one star rating and instantly write this off as someone who was offended by this book so they gave it one star. That is not the case at all. In fact I'm sure enough people are going to comment and share their opinions about the topics of this book that I'm not even going to bothering chiming in. The fact is it doesn't matter because there is a super tangible reason why no one should ever read this book. The writing is straight up terribl [...]

    25. 3,75 - Se alguém tem alguma duvida sobre como conversar com crianças sobre identidade de gênero, cá está George.A escrita do livro é perfeita - simples, sem comprometer a narrativa ou menosprezar a capacidade de jovens leitores entenderem o assunto. Só o fato de usar os pronomes femininos desde a primeira página já faz toda a diferença na conversa.O livro é realmente ideal para ser adotado em escolas, principalmente nos EUA, graças à vários fatores (idade dos personagens, cenário [...]

    26. This was so freakin' cuteNOPSISGeorge nos narra la historia de, bueno, George. Ella es una niña transexual, es decir, una niña que nació en el cuerpo de un niño. A sus diez años vive escondida en este caparazón con miedo de decir la verdad al mundo, con miedo de mostrarse como es realmente. Luego de que su profesora anuncie las audiciones para la obra escolar de Charlotte's Web, George anhela conseguir el papel de Charlotte. El problema es que ese personaje debe ser interpretado por una ni [...]

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