Reign Alternate cover edition ASIN B JX OOne notorious %erOne innocent trapped in an impossible situationOne vicious crime lordThree people who aren t who they appear to be one big bloody mess Reign is

  • Title: Reign
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition ASIN B017JX376OOne notorious 1%erOne innocent trapped in an impossible situationOne vicious crime lordThree people who aren t who they appear to be one big bloody mess.Reign is no stranger to the criminal underbelly and hard life, but when a random woman comes literally crashing into his life learning things she has no business knowing, andAlternate cover edition ASIN B017JX376OOne notorious 1%erOne innocent trapped in an impossible situationOne vicious crime lordThree people who aren t who they appear to be one big bloody mess.Reign is no stranger to the criminal underbelly and hard life, but when a random woman comes literally crashing into his life learning things she has no business knowing, and bringing with her the weight of the city s biggest skin trader the hard life starts to take on a whole new meaning.

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    1. Jessica Gadziala says:

      Jessica Gadziala is a full time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker from New Jersey She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, coffee in Big Gulp sized cups, and cold weather She is a big believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and bada women.She is very active on , Facebook, as well as her personal groups on those sites Join in She s friendly.You can find her on Facebook facebook Jessica GadzTwitter twitter JessicaGadzialaHer GR group group show Her Facebook Group facebook groups 31454Pinterest pinterest jessicagadzInstagram instagram jessicagadzxx

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    1. 2.5-3 StarsWith a little more relationship and plot foundation this could have been pretty good. It felt a little rushed though. Also, the author could do with a little more weapons research if she is gonna go into detail about how to use one the way she did here. Glock handguns don't have external safety switches. They have internal ones that don't require any overt action by the operator before firing. It's basically just point and shoot, no "safety switch flicking" required. Anyone who has re [...]

    2. Alright so this is the story of Reign and Summer. Without giving too much away Summer has been through some shit: And Reign, well, he's a badass hot biker guy doing his badass biker thing: And then they meet. And stuff happens. Some of the stuff is sexy stuff: But let's face it that would make for a boring story. So then other stuff happens And you'll be like: But things work out. 'Cause, like, I'm a firm believer in HEA. I'd never let you ladies down:

    3. Summer and Reign meet under some pretty extreme circumstances. Summer is captive for months of a skin trader named V who is trying to force her father to act on their behalf. While the plot was firmly in the realm of unbelievable for me, it was still quite enjoyable. I've got to say Ms. Gadziala has quite the imagination and insight through her writing has entertained me for hours :) I liked Summer despite a very painful naïveté of her own life. Poor girl goes through quite an ordeal in this s [...]

    4. TITLE: ReignSERIES:(The Henchmen MC #1)AUTHOR:Jessica GadzialaGENRE:Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE:ReleasedMY RATING: 5 STARS He Unraveled me HOLY SHIT, this was cray cray good, had everything I want, need, crave in a biker book, the element of surprise with the twists and turns this took me on were an added bonusLoved how the mafia were incorporated within the story another favourite genre of mine, definitely hanging out for the next book in this series Bitch was under my skin and I knew it A [...]

    5. NOTE: That since I read/reviewed this book the author has revised it and has now taken out the fact the hero had sex with an OW. I'm not going to change my review because it was based on the prior version of this book and my feelings still stand on THAT version. But I thought I'd give potential reviewers a heads up that it has been revisedSo first off I am going to say that I took a star off this book for one reason and one reason alone (view spoiler)[ I LOATHE when an author has the H bang an o [...]

    6. This has a story line that is so good. Reign and Summer are such an unlikely duo! There is romance, there is action and there are illegal activitiesbut there are also naughty erotic moments and a whole lot of sexy times.Summer is a sweet, beautiful woman who survives an abduction and hostage situtation by a local crime boss and succeeds in escaping her abductors. While on captivity, she had to endure physical torture, pain, abuse and horrific brutality. Reign is a badass, aggressive MC prez. He [...]

    7. *ARC provided by the author for an honest review*OMG I need Reign to save me Summer as had a great up bringing her father as given her the best of life her mother wasn't around but her father did everything he could she had the best education she got a job at her father's company an had good friends so life was goin pretty well until she was taken an ended up goin through months of hell Reign is a total bad ass an I luv him he doesn't know any other life then the Henchmans MC he is know the prez [...]

    8. 3 StarsOverall Opinion: This was an ok read. I had some issues with the connection and the development of their relationship. There was a main time jump that was when their feelings for each other were developing, and we missed that. As a reader, I feel like I need to understand how those feelings developed in order to feel the connection. There were some sweet moments that were presented as flashbacks from that time, but I would've liked it much better if we didn't have that time jump. The endi [...]

    9. In what universe did boring, good girl Summer Lyon end up kidnapped three fucking times in four fucking months?I'm not fond of MC romances, so don't ask why I picked this up. Maybe I wanted to torture myself a little, but I actually ended up liking it. I don't like this trope because I hate the way women are portrayed, and how they drop to their knees for any club member. I mean, I'm sure there are women like this, but I kind of want to slap them and tell um to get some self-respect. The men in [...]

    10. 5 Summer Reign StarsSometimes you can read a book that's 100 pages long but feels like 300, then there are times you read a book with 300 pages and it feels like 100. This was one of those books for me. I flew through it and before I knew it it was over. The writing was so well formed and fluid. The characters were ones you rooted for and there was enough drama and twists to keep me interested ALL THE WAY THROUGH.I kept waiting for the drama to drop off and shit to get boring, well that never ha [...]

    11. "4 Cherry stars"I really enjoyed this book!It was different like was "Monster" from what I usually read but it was definitly a good kind of different!The plot was interesting and Reign&Summer were great together!And I liked the second characters as well like Cash,Wolf,Repo,Lo and of course Janie she was bad-assbut we saw her on "Monster" too, so we knew that alreadyey made a great team!!!AnD I have never read the word "Bitch" so many times that would last me a lifetime.I kid you not!Let's fo [...]

    12. 4.0-4.25+ RATING- With none of my GR friends or people I follow having read or rated this book when I started it, I wasn't sure what to expect. This could have been awful. It wasn't! I actually really liked it and have zero problem recommending it! It's probably my favorite biker story I've read lately. Now, this isn't on the level of a Sheehan or Fanetti but for a guilty pleasure biker read, I was more than happy. The story pulled me in from the beginning with a damsel in distress escaping peri [...]

    13. After reading Monster by this author I just had to go back and read more of her books. Her stories mention a lot of other characters and makes me super curious about what has happened to them, so I just had to go and check out more of her books. I really liked this story and I have to say that I was honestly shocked by the ending, which doesn't happen that often. When I first started to read this I thought it was going to be the typical bad-boy-saves-innocent-girl kind of book. But I was so wron [...]

    14. ~Another SEXY MC book????? YES! PLEASE!!!~★ ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!★

    15. Last night I got a strange craving for a MC type book. This is not my usual fare so I hit up the QueenofSmutBook 's shelves to look for a few ideas.Turns out Heather is a big fan of Jessica Gadziala and had really good things to say about the characters in her books so I thought yep, this is what I'm looking for.I finished the book in a few hours and although it wasn't a perfect book it took care of the bizzaro MC craving I was having.Reign is for the most part our typical Alpha type MC prez wit [...]

    16. 5 "Tall, Dark and Deadly" stars!! Song" Ed Sheeran "Make It Rain" (from SOA)I gobbled this gem of a book up in one sitting! I loved it! It was one of those books that made me forget to feed or bathe my childrenok I forgot I had children all together ;)I will start by saying that when I stumble upon a fantastic MC book I can't help but ALWAYS place the beautiful Jax Teller as my main even if the description is all wrong. (picturing CH in anyway can never be bad tho)Sodid I add that this book is f [...]

    17. Ok I decided to do my challenge read. I knew this wasn't safe. I am actually rating this for the storyline of suspense and the secondary characters. I didn't like the hero. I don't even think he did anything really great in this book and don't think he was portrayed very brave or strong or anything. Seemed that the women were the heroes and the villains and that it should not have been named Reign at all. I loved Wolf. Hope Cash van stop being an STD carrying lab specimen Because he seems sweet. [...]

    18. Tried to get into this one but wasn't feeling it. At 30% I'm calling it quits. Summer defiantly doesn't act like someone that has been held captive for months and months that is still wearing the same clothes and only got 5 mins a day to use the restroom. I'm not buying it. Time for me to move on:)

    19. What was the point in him sleeping with ow? I don't get it, it was so random and didn't do anything for the storyline it just literally felt like it came out of nowhere! I am still scratching my head in confusion.

    20. DEFINITELY A 5 STAR MC READMy lady friends, I introduce Reign"Don't know why. Could eat that pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." Yeah, I know, right?I loved this from beginning to the end. A real page turner. There was not one character here that I didn't love. They all fit in perfectly and played their roles brilliantly. Gosh Summer. An amazing heroine. That girl was tough and continued to grow tougher throughout the story. I couldn't help but grin every time she opened her mouth. Reign, w [...]

    21. What a great story this was. Reign, the president of his MC, saves Summer, a tortured and beaten girl, who just made a desperate escape from a vicious skin trader who has kept her captive, abusing and starving her for months. Reign, finding out Summer's background, decides to protect her by keeping her hidden from the bad guys and the cops they have in their pockets, who are going door to door through town looking for her as well. I loved Reign, he was an uber Badass, but he also had his tender, [...]

    22. I'm not even going to pretend this was a favorite because I had so many issues. (view spoiler)[ The opening part I was entranced, solid storyline. On the run and being hunted by skin traders Rein and Summer collide. The badass biker was protective and fierce, while at the same time trying to figure out what Summer's story was. Up until this point I was in loved with the story but soon after started sounding like Fifty Shades of Grey with all the BDSM and name calling. The girl had been abused, n [...]

    23. Do you remember the emergency drills you had at elementary school? The ones where you had to tuck your head down and use your arms for cover? That's what I want to do with writing this reviewI'll start with the positive:-- The characters: Reign, Summer, Cash, Wolf, Lo -- loved them. -- The sex scenes: There were really only 2 that I'd consider fully developed, but they were pretty steamy and Reign was the right balance of brute beast and yumminess for me. And now for the part that has had me deb [...]

    24. Reign started out well for me, I liked the way the leads met and the start of the relationship. Unfortunately after a good first half of the book it really went downhill for me in the last 1/3 or so. The revelations about her parents were just so unbelievable in relation to the rest of the story. Seriously she never noticed *anything* about her father? And if he was such a big deal then how could he not find his daughter and save her? These parts made no sense at all, especially the V part (who [...]

    25. 4.25 stars.I thoroughly enjoyed Reign. I loved the twists and turns, loved that Reign is alpha without the OTT possessive which to be honest wouldn't have worked with Summer I don't think. Summer is one heck of a strong woman to take what was done to her and still stay standing.This was chock full of suspense, brotherhood, tough heroine, steam and a delish alpha male. It hooked me from word one and held my interest all the way through. I am hoping to get more on the side characters . Cash, Wolf, [...]

    26. This woman can seriously write. I've read every single one of her books, they're all amazing. If you've somehow not heard of her, go and buy all of them.You can thank me later.

    27. This was book one in the MC Henchmen series, which I heard about through the author's other series. I am glad that I went back and read this one, I enjoyed finding out about Reign and Summer who were mentioned in the books; Killer and Saviour. What a book this was! It kept me on my toes!!!There were so many sizzling sex scenes; but that was not allThe twists and reveals in this story had me reeling and blown away! Some I didn't even see coming, and believe me. is hard to surprise me!! I love a r [...]

    28. 2,5 stars but I don’t klick, because I was warned.As always interesting storyline. Action, drama. Likable heroine (I forgave her a couple of TSTL moments).Even if the OW "incident" was rewritten, it ruined the romance for me. I stick to 1st version where the H slept with OW after he kissed the h.Will it stop me from reading the books by this author?NO! Of course not! Damn, I normally don’t read bikers, like ever. And here I am… -> JG’s junkie.

    29. DNF @40% Insta LOVE at it's worst. So called badass MC president that talks like a teenage punk, who has yet to do anything badass.Pretty girl abducted, held captured, somewhat tortured but has no problem trusting MC goof.I can't finish this.ReignI wanted to love you.I really did.

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