Phirphire One day Basanta hears that his house in the village is about to be demolished Overwhelm One day Basanta hears that his house in the village is about to be demolished Overwhelmed with nostalgia

  • Title: फिरफिरे (Phirphire)
  • Author: Buddhisagar
  • ISBN: 9789937665018
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • , One day, Basanta hears that his house in the village is about to be demolished Overwhelm , One day, Basanta hears that his house in the village is about to be demolished Overwhelmed with nostalgia, he goes back to his village to see the house one last time after 16 long years And then begins a journey to his past a past that he has always wanted to forget And thus unfolds the story of his friendship with Pawan, who falls prey to village politics and superstitions, losing his memory in the process This story is multilayered with the stories of the loving Jethiaama, the snake killer Chilgadi, the goon Rocky Dada, the village shaman Kohinoor all colorful characters who delight and surprise readers in equal measure.Written in a sweet, flowing language, Firfire brings back the kaleidoscopic memories of our individual pasts.

    • Best Read [Buddhisagar] ☆ फिरफिरे (Phirphire) || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓
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    1. Buddhisagar says:

      Buddhisagar Nepali born 2 June 1981 is a Nepali writer He is best known for his novel Karnali Blues and Phirphire Buddhisagar was born in Matera, a place in Kailali district of Nepal Later his family moved to Katase Bazzar and finally Kalikot district His debut and most popular novel Karnali Blues is also set in these locations He was passionate about writing from early age From a very early age, his poems were played on radios He moved for Kathmandu after passing his School Level On moving to Kathmandu, he studied journalism at RR Campus He was a journalist of Naya Patrika and Nagarik News before he set his career as a full time writer.

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    1. फिरफिरे पढियो । कर्णाली ब्लुज पनि पढेकै हो । कर्णाली ब्लुज पढ्दा लेखकका आफ्नै अनुभव त हुन् नि भनेर राम्रो भएको होला भनेर लागिरहन्थ्यो । आफ्नो कुरा त जसले पनि राम्रै लेख्छ भन्ने अनुमान थियो । [...]

    2. मूल कथामा दम छैन भन्ने धेरै देखेँ तर यो कथालाई बुद्धिसागरले जुन लय-गति, लेखकीय शैली दिन सके, एकदम ठिक लाग्यो | धेरै तडक भडक नभएको, सरल तर कल्पनाले ओतप्रोत पनि, अन्तमा के कुरामा कमी भयो-भयो जस्तो [...]

    3. फिरफिरे मन अति नै पर्यो। पढ्न थालेपछि नसिध्याई उठ्न मनैले मानेन। केही ठाउँमा त झण्डै रुवायो नै किताब ले।जूठीआमैको कथाले मनलाई चसक्क छोए पनि मूल कथामा अलि दम नभएकाले किताब सिध्याउँदा अलि खल [...]

    4. 'फिरफिरे' फिरफिरे घुमाउने हरुको मात्रै कथा हैन ,खासमा फिरफिरे घुमाउनेहरु त फिरफिरे मात्रै घुमाउने हुन्छन बास्तबमा तिनीहरुलाई अरु ले नै घुमाउछन्'फिरफिरे'ले हाम्रै समाजको एउटा त्यस्तो घटना [...]

    5. Reading give you a hungover for few days. You will found mirror of yourselves in many characters. Mainly 'Pawan' and 'Basant aka Bante' friendship and childhood's mischievousness show you the same naughtiness that you have experienced in your childhood, if you are inhabitant from the downtown villages of rural Nepal. Guys grown up in high society or developed cities can get a thrilling jealousy for not having that priceless moments but love to go thoroughly.I have grown-up in bit developed town, [...]

    6. चार दिनको पढाइ पछि किताव सक्कियो, तर धंग्धंगी छोडेर गयो। लेखक वुद्दिसागर लेख्छन् लेखिसकेपछि उनलाई लाग्यो उनी रित्तै भए तर लेखक भनेकै त्यहि नै हो शायद आफु रित्तिन्छ अनि पाठकहरुलाई अनेकौँ स् [...]

    7. फिरफिरेसुरूमा ठीकै थियो । एक दुई पल्ट आँखा रसाएको पनि हो । तर आधा पढिसके पछि झर्को लाग्न थाल्यो ।केही उपकथाहरू राम्रा छन्, मूलकथा कमजोर । उहीँ पुरानै विषयवस्तुलाई अलिकति रंगरोगन गरेको छ । धा [...]

    8. wowg ,fabulous, magneficient, brilliant n praiseworthy. Read the novel Firfire - फिरफिरे really an incredible piece of art in literature. i hold my breath throughout the novel. lookz lyk an adventured adventure actually.i can't stop myself from thinkin about the great and endless intimate friendship between Pawane and Bante.Their naughty and mischievous acts are really hilarious n funny. forced me to believe as lively characters n very easy to imagine the characters. i reacalled th [...]

    9. This novel is OUTSTANDING piece of Nepali literature. Very very simple but heart touching. It gives very vivid description of village scenario. Slangs, local names of the villagers, day today psychology of villagers and tiny local politics are very nicely presented. The writer makes the reader imagine the scenarios by his magical way of writing. Though it is simple in overall but deep rooted meanings of life are very wisely revealed. Even the medical conditions are so vividly described that me b [...]

    10. A truly moving book! This book made me cry and smile so many times! I could see Pawan and Basanta carving their names! I could hear Juthiaamai's story with them. Juthiaamai's fate made me cry and realize that this is the fate of many women living in rural areas who are accused of being "boksi". All characters have their own stories and the author has justified each one's. Especially, the part where Basanta imagines Pawan walking on the river and leaving him gave me goosebumps. I was so immersed [...]

    11. Really awesome , well written, lets you imagine the context, feel the moment of bliss and happiness , wrench your heart and makes you sob in few moments lets you flow with the stories, leads you through the lives of character spectacularly each moment is so well written you feel it yourself. Makes your heart flutter!! Loved it

    12. 3.5 stars!Kitab le naruwayeko haina, muskaan nalyayeko haina. Yati moto hunda hundai, padhda padhdai "Lau, sakkyo po?" bhanne lagcha.Juthi aama ko kathale gahiro chhap chhodeko chha. Mitrata ko katha le urja diyeko cha.Samagrama padhda hune kitaab! :)

    13. दुई मित्र, पवन र बसन्त (बन्ते), को कहानी हो फिरफिरे | कथा सरल छ तर नौलो छैन, कथाले हाम्रै गाउँ ठाउँको यथार्थ चित्रण गरेको छ | अपेक्षा गरिए अनुसार, बुद्धिसागरको भाषा मीठो छ | तर उपन्यासको मूल कथा दरि [...]

    14. कुनै उपन्यास पढ़नाका लागि रोज्नु पर्यो भने तीनवटा खाले किताब जहिल्यै मेरो रोजाईमा पर्दछन | पहिलो प्रेम कथा, दोस्रो इतिहाससँग जोडिएको घटना र तेस्रो जीवन बाँच्न मार्ग देखाउने किताब | त्यसैले म [...]

    15. मान्छेलाई सासले होइन, यादले बाचाउँछ ।

    16. The language is just AMAZING! I loved how Buddhisagar introduces and gives details of all of his characters, all the little things about them are inspiring. Simply LOVED the book. Thank you Buddhisagar for this kind of addition to our Nepali Literature.

    17. "मान्छेहरू भन्छ, सासले जिन्दगी बचाउन्छ । म त भन्छु, यादहरूले जिन्दगी बचाउन्छ । "'फिरफिरे' पढ्ने मन भएर पनि केके नमिलेर, बल्ल हिजो किनेर,अाज सकाए,,, समाजको जल्दावल्दा विषय उठाएर सरल भाषामा लेखिए [...]

    18. पढ्दा समय सत्यानास नहुने तर नपढे केही क्षति नहुने किताब

    19. I received firfire as a gift from my brother. At the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to allocate sufficient time reading it. But after turning few pages I became so obsessed that I didn’t want to miss a single minute I had. Being a mom to a toddler it wasn’t possible for me to read in a single sitting, but I used all possible hours and finished in three days. I became so close to the characters that I cried several times with them, I sm [...]

    20. फिर्फिरे ले थाहै नपाइ थुप्रै ठाउ मा रुवायो , लेखन शैलि मन पेर्यो , लेखक को सोच सक्ति बाट धेरै धेरै प्रभाबित भये तर अन्तिम अन्तिम तिर पुगेर मैले धेरै पेज छोडि छोडि पपढेकि थिय out of 5 (3.5) is my rating for the book Phirphire.

    21. यो उपन्यासले कहिले पेट मिचि मिचि हसायो कहिले आखा भरि आशु ल्याइदियो । शायद बुद्धिसागर भगवान नै हुन । केवल भगवनले मात्रै यस्तो सृश्ति रच्न सक्छ ।

    22. एक जनालार्इ पकाएकाे दालमा पानी थपेर उमालेकाे जस्ताे लाग्याे । अलि छाेटाे भएकाे भए सायद निकै राम्राे हुन्थ्याे ।

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