The Book of Illusions Six months after losing his wife and two young sons Vermont Professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in a blur of alcoholic grief and self pity One night he stumbles upon a clip from a l

  • Title: The Book of Illusions
  • Author: Paul Auster
  • ISBN: 9780312990961
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Six months after losing his wife and two young sons, Vermont Professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in a blur of alcoholic grief and self pity One night, he stumbles upon a clip from a lost film by silent comedian Hector Mann His interest is piqued, and he soon finds himself embarking on a journey around the world to research a book on this mysterious figurSix months after losing his wife and two young sons, Vermont Professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in a blur of alcoholic grief and self pity One night, he stumbles upon a clip from a lost film by silent comedian Hector Mann His interest is piqued, and he soon finds himself embarking on a journey around the world to research a book on this mysterious figure, who vanished from sight in 1929.When the book is published the following year, a letter turns up in Zimmer s mailbox bearing a return address from a small town in New Mexico inviting him to meet Hector Zimmer hesitates, until one night a strange woman appears on his doorstep and makes the decision for him, changing his life forever.

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    • Ø The Book of Illusions || ☆ PDF Read by ↠ Paul Auster
      237 Paul Auster
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    1. Paul Auster says:

      Paul Auster is the bestselling author of Report from the Interior, Winter Journal, Sunset Park, Invisible, The Book of Illusions, and The New York Trilogy, among many other works He has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature, the Prix M dicis tranger, the Independent Spirit Award, and the Premio Napoli He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Commandeur de l Ordre des Arts et des Lettres He lives in Brooklyn, New Yorkul auster

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    1. Rating: one furious, disgusted star of however many stars there are in a galaxyI've never been fond of pompous writing, the kind that checks its look in the mirror of acclaim and piles on the self-satisfied smirking smugness that makes me want to torch all the MFA schools I can reach.My review, which I've moved to my blog, says that and more. Apparently the hoi polloi slithering in from the Internet's more sanctimonious quarters don't agree with me, therefore I must be wrong.

    2. After having lost his wife and children in a plane crash, writer and teacher David Zimmer is on a path of self-destruction, drinking, behaving badly around people, rejecting any and all understanding and sympathy. But seeing a bit of silent film comedy on TV, he takes up the task of examining and writing a book about the work of one comedic genius from the 20’s. Soon after the book is published the wife of the supposedly dead film-maker contacts Zimmer to ask if he might like to meet the man h [...]

    3. The Book of Illusions, Paul Auster The Book of Illusions is a novel by American writer Paul Auster, published in 2002. It was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2004.Set in the late 1980s, the story is written from the perspective of David Zimmer, a university professor who, after losing his wife and children in a plane crash, falls into a routine of depression and isolation. After seeing one of the silent comedies of Hector Mann, an actor missing since the 1920s, he [...]

    4. Paul Auster, you bastard!The man writes such depressing stuff. As with the other Auster I've read (I know I've only read 2 Austers, I am such a failure at being pretentious), I finished this and I was like what, why did I read this?To explain myself I should say that I follow the Roger Ebert school of criticism. Roger Ebert cares more about how a movie makes him feel than on its technical merits. Granted, this is rather less valid in the medium of words on a page than the sound and fury of film, [...]

    5. By reading this book I have become a die-hard Auster fan. The man is amazing. So clever, so imaginitive, so poetic and almost profound. This book rambles, and in doing so touches on so many intertwined narratives that one almost gives up on what was assumed to be the original plot and assumes the opening catch phrase was just another Paul Auster smoke screen story line. But this one, even in creating such an intricatedly woven network of a character experiences, never looses sight of its ultimat [...]

    6. کتاب من از دل اندوه و افسوس عمیقی زاده شده بود. حتی حالا که آن دوران را پشت سر گذاشته‌ام آن اندوه رهایم نکرده است. نوشتن درباره کمدی بهانه‌ای بیش نبود، دارویی بود که یک سال تمام هر روز بی رعایت زمان بندی می‌خوردم تا درد درونم را آرام کند. از برخی جهات این دارو اثر کرد.‎متن از کت [...]

    7. *WARNING FOR SPOILERS*If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound or not? This famous question is closely examined in "The Book of Illusions," by author Paul Auster, as he tells the story of literature professor David Zimmer, who copes with the death of his wife and two sons by shutting out the real world so that he can inhabit the "silent world of Hector Mann," an obscure actor from the 1920s. After leaving a dozen movies behind that nobody seems to know about, Hecto [...]

    8. David Zimmer is a teacher and writer whose wife and two young sons have been killed in an aeroplane crash. At his lowest ebb, suicidal and alcoholic, David sees a silent film on television and laughs for the first time since the tragedy. Thereafter, he develops a fascination with the actor featured in the old movie, Hector Mann - a minor star of silent comedies who vanished in 1929 and was never seen or heard of again. Travelling around the world in order to visit the film archives containing He [...]

    9. Μου θύμισε εκείνη τη φράση που ειπώθηκε δια στόματος Μάθιου Μακόναχι στην πρώτη σεζόν του True Detective: "To realize that all your life, all your love, all your hate, all your memories, all your pain, it was all the same thing. It was all the same dream, a dream that you had inside a locked room, a dream about being a person". Μεγάλος Auster και πάλι.

    10. I just recommended this book to someone stranded in the Minneapolis airport. I had forgotten how much I liked it until I saw it sitting there quietly on the shelf, minding it's own business.This is why real books are so much more awesome than ebooks--they come back to tickle your mind. That, and when you spill wine on them (like I did on my copy of The Book of Illusions) they don't give up the ghost in an electric funeral.Anyhow. Take that, Minneapolis.

    11. A surprising book that is riveting through to the final words. I say "surprising" because at first it's not clear as to what kind of book this is going to be. As with some of Auster's other work, the novel is told through a first-person narrator who happens to be a writer. We get long accounts of the book he is writing (about a silent filmmaker who went missing some years prior) and almost forget that there is a narrator involved, that we aren't reading a third-person account of this filmmaker's [...]

    12. Primo romanzo che leggo di un autore, Paul Auster, di cui ho letto sempre bene, special modo per il suo romanzo più famoso, vale a dire "Trilogia di N.Y". Psicologicamente sopravvissuto alla morte della famiglia in un disastro aereo, David Zimmer attraversa un normale periodo di depressione e sconforto assoluto interrotto, quasi magicamente (o, per l'appunto, in modo illusorio), dalla visione di un film muto alla televisione. In questa pellicola, che lo fa ridere fino alle lacrime, c'è un atto [...]

    13. Oh Mr. Auster, what are we to do with you? This might have been the last book I end up reading by Paul Auster. It's been a nice ride, but I think he's run his course in my literary life. He's not doing anything great with language, though that's not really his "thing" anywayhe's more about playing with narrative and building pseudo-complex plots whose ideas aren't fully realized. There was a lot in this novel that I found almost laughably cliche, but the bath tub sex scene towards the end stands [...]

    14. I read this more than ten years ago, so I cannot write a detailed review. But I can still remember the feeling of eagerly reading this book. And that's a good memory.

    15. This sucked. Sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked. Utterly mediocre. Shoddily written, never pretty and often not even competent (a rough third of the book consists of the narrator describing movies which don't exist). The characters are paper thin, their motivations largely nonsensical. Its got Auster's usual obsessions about identity, and writing as a form of creation, and blah blah blah, but it doesn't lead into anything meaningful. This was my third Auster book, as mentioned, and I feel confid [...]

    16. Okuduğum ikinci Paul Auster kitabıydı.Yine adım adım beni avuçlarına aldı.Okudukça sevdim, sevdikçe okudum.David Zimmer'in, kendisi gibi ölüm ve yaşam arasında bir yerlerde var olmaya çalışan bir komedi oyuncusunun hayatını inceleyerek başladığı hayata geri dönüş yolculuğunu seveceksiniz. Çünkü hepimiz bazen kayboluruz, bizi mahveden olaylar yaşar ve yolumuzu bulamayacağımızı sanırız. Ama hayat yaşamak için var ve görmeyi istersek bir sürü çıkış yolu [...]

    17. ''Ένιωθε κάποιο ολοένα και μεγαλύτερο τμήμα του μυαλού του να διαλύεται μέσα στο κρανίο του. Η ζωή είναι ένα ονειρικό παραλήρημα, ανακάλυψε, και η πραγματικότητα ένας μετέωρος κόσμος γεμάτος με επινοήσεις και παραισθήσεις, ένας τόπος όπου όλα όσα φαντάστηκες ποτέ πραγματοπ [...]

    18. Paul Auster needs to stop. Now. In the beginning (starting with The New York Trilogy) his work was an interesting theoretical experiment. As of late he's become a caricature of himself. I'm tempted to accuse him of plagiarizing the Paul Auster of 20 years ago. The transcription of that court case would be like a general survey of his career and what he still insists on doing in his literature. The prosecution (Paul Auster) would convince the jury that the defense (Paul Austen, probably under a p [...]

    19. Como sempre, demorar um mês ou mais (como foi o caso) a ler um livro é mau sinal. Especialmente se for um livro com menos de trezentas páginas.Esta minha primeira vez com Paul Auster não correu muito bem. Custou-me um bocado entrar na história, já que eu não estava nada à espera de começar com uma monografia sobre o cinema mudo do início do século vinte, e, quando a história supostamente a ficar interessante, eu já tinha desmotivado.Claro que se eu tivesse conseguido gostar da hist [...]

    20. جدا از هر نقد و برداشت ادبى ،بايد حرفى را بزنم كه اين كتاب را برايم نماد آن كرده؛ كتاب اوهام تنها يك كتاب نيست كه شما از قفسه بر ميداريد روى كاناپه دراز ميكشيد و ميخوانيد نه . كتاب اوهام كتابيست كه انگار تمام كتابهاى قفسه را يك به يك برداشته ايد روزها و ماه و سالها وقت صرف كرده ا [...]

    21. No es la primera vez que tengo esta sensación con Auster: la obra empieza bien, crea sensación de intriga, te mantiene a lo largo de trescientas páginas y justo en las últimas veinte o treinta, pum todo se viene abajo. Es como si Paul Auster no sepa como terminar la obra, como si no supiera hacerla redonda y la terminara con golpes repentinos (suicidio, muertes histriónicas; coletazos de un pintor cansado de estar ante el mismo cuadro día tras día). En otras obras tiene su pase, en este c [...]

    22. ვიტყოდი, რომ ოსტერის საუკეთესო ტესტია, რაც მე წამიკიტხავს-მეთქი, მაგრამ "შუშის ქალაქი" და "ოგი რენის საშობაო ამბავივით" მაინც ვერ შემაყვარა თავი.ისე კი ძალიან კარგი წიგნია.უბრალოდ ამ კაცს რა [...]

    23. უკომენტაროდ , უმაგრესია❤"არსებობს ფიქრები,რომლებსაც შეუძლიათ შეშალონ ადამიანი,მახინჯი ძალმოსილების აზრები,გაფიქრებისთანავე რომ გხრწნიან.მეც მეშინოდა იმის,რაც ვიცოდი,მეშინოდა რომ ამ ც [...]

    24. A few of my favorite things: smart men, secret lives, cinema, facial scars, multi-layered mystery, artistic masterpieces unveiled, itchy sexual tensionI can't love this book any more. One of my favorite books ever.

    25. Professor David Zimmer's life is destroyed when his wife and two young sons are killed in a plane crash. He goes on a destructive binge of drinking and taking pills until he happens to see a documentary in which he is drawn to silent film comedian Hector Mann, who vanished around 1929 after a brief but promising film career. Zimmer begins to investigate the work of Hector Mann, an interest which becomes an obsession which takes him on a quest to see the 12 films which were mailed, anonymously, t [...]

    26. I LOVED this book! This is a story within a story within a story. It's no wonder why it's called "The Book of Illusions." What I like most out of it is that you can choose what is real and what is fantasy. Even if all the stories told within these pages are real (fictional real, I mean), it is still takes you on an amazing metaphysical journey. It is about a supposed "missing" silent film star, Hector Mann, who is presumed dead after so many years after his disappearance. We learn about him thro [...]

    27. A strong 4.5, highly recommended, and an excellent borrow from my housemate. Clearly I should nick her stuff more often.

    28. I'm a bit torn about this book, which may be the last Auster I read after a year-long affair. It suffers from many flaws: It generally reads, as someone writes below, like a self-parody. (You can't fault Paul Auster for trying to explore too many themes, too many kinds of characters, too many stages of life.) It drags a lot in the middle. (Ross and I were taking turns reading this aloud to each other from his Nook and we just stopped at some point months ago. I finally picked it up on my own to [...]

    29. Almost everything is perfect about Auster. He portrays perfectly the lives of people who had frustrating losses but trying to cling to life; who made big mistakes but trying to compensate them with functional and right acts and who lost their ways somehow but trying to make their existence meaningful again and do their best to the end. Accordingly his fiction always gives me inspiration. Whenever i read his books, i think about my life and my motivations, that's why i like reading him, he always [...]

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