I Am Not A Serial Killer John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous and he knows it He s spent his life doing his best not to live up to his potential He s obsessed with serial killers but really doesn t want to become one So for his

  • Title: I Am Not A Serial Killer
  • Author: Dan Wells
  • ISBN: 9780765327826
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it.He s spent his life doing his best not to live up to his potential.He s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn t want to become one So for his own sake, and the safety of those around him, he lives by rigid rules he s written for himself, practicing normal life as if it were a private religion that could save himJohn Wayne Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it.He s spent his life doing his best not to live up to his potential.He s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn t want to become one So for his own sake, and the safety of those around him, he lives by rigid rules he s written for himself, practicing normal life as if it were a private religion that could save him from damnation.Dead bodies are normal to John He likes them, actually They don t demand or expect the empathy he s unable to offer Perhaps that s what gives him the objectivity to recognize that there s something different about the body the police have just found behind the Wash n Dry Laundromat and to appreciate what that difference means.Now, for the first time, John has to confront a danger outside himself, a threat he can t control, a menace to everything and everyone he would love, if only he could.Dan Wells debut novel is the first volume of a trilogy that will keep you awake and then haunt your dreams.

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    1. Dan Wells says:

      Dan Wells is a thriller and science fiction writer Born in Utah, he spent his early years reading and writing He is he author of the Partials series Partials, Isolation, Fragments, and Ruins , the John Cleaver series I Am Not a Serial Killer, Mr Monster, and I Don t Want To Kill You , and a few others The Hollow City, A Night of Blacker Darkness, etc He was a Campbell nomine for best new writer, and has won a Hugo award for his work on the podcast Writing Excuses the podcast is also a multiple winner of the Parsec Award.

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    1. My reaction when a third of the way through the book “IT” happened was something like…For those of you that have read the book, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. For everyone else, let me explain as best I can without any spoilers. Our story begins in a small town with a wonderful introduction to John Wayne Cleaver. John is 15 years old boy who is obsessed with serial killers. This obsession is the result of he himself having many of the traits and characteristics of a serial kille [...]

    2. What if a serial killer.n't want to become a murderer?John Wayne Cleaver knows he has all the hallmarks of a serial killer - he likes to stalk people, hurt animals and fantasizes about killing friends and family. BUT before you turn away John is doing his absolute best to curb all killer-instincts AND he has a great family to support him. It's a crazy-good mixture of familial love and homicidal urges wrapped up in one book. Fear is a it's a weird thing, when you think about it. People are only [...]

    3. John Wayne Cleaver lives in a mortuary. But before you go thinking this is all fun and games like My Girl (well, at least before Thomas J and the bees), you should know that John Wayne is a killer. Well, at least he thinks he is. As a teenager, his internal monster makes life considerably harder, especially because John feels no connection to his peers and little to no emotion. I Am Not A Serial Killer follows John as he deals with having a serial killer in his town--Will being so close to an ac [...]

    4. Ever since Hannibal Lector flirted with Clarice Starling by telling her about his favorite recipes, it seems like every other thriller features some kind of deranged but brilliant serial killer. It’s gotten beyond boring, but occasionally some writer will manage to come up with a fresh perspective on the genre. Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series put a unique twist on the notion of the serial killer. (Or at least he did until he wrote the utterly crappy Dexter in the Dark.) Now Dan Wells is taking [...]

    5. I think my wife is a serial killer waiting to be unleashed on the world.I had not heard of this novel but ran across a Powell’s Books author reading late last month by Dan Wells. I read a summary of his recent book and then scheduled appropriately to go and listen to him. Jenn went with me and whispered creepy serial killer/mass murderer stats in my ear it was disturbing how much she knew When Dan asked people to name 5 killers in order to win a t-shirt, she stayed quiet and named 14 under her [...]

    6. You are evil, said myself. You are Mr. Monster. You are nothing. You are me.Well well wellwhat an odd slice of fun this was. Simplistic and understated, this book really doesn't try to be anything other than what it says it is, making for not only a fun, easy read, but a very touching one, as well. It's not easy to read about a diagnosed sociopathwell, at least not for the average person. For me? It felt more authentic and real. I became entwined and engrossed with this character in the early st [...]

    7. I wanted to read this book because of my fascination with serial killers and the intriguing slant in the main character's relationship with himself.While reading, I was put off by Wells' writing style. It came off as juvenile in that he writes as though he doesn't trust his readers to figure out fairly obvious things for themselves. He posts many unnecessary/rhetorical questions that the reader is (hopefully, or rather should be) already wondering about on her own. It's muddled in redundancy.All [...]

    8. Very nice, Mr. Dan Wells. Very nice, indeed.First Impressions:1. Slow at first, but after 100 *BAM*! What I'd like to call a 'double tap twist'. Not one, but two twists in the span of 2 pages!2. I really enjoyed the therapy sessions between John and Dr. Neblin.3. The plot was a general 'good'. The twist made things more interesting.4. Book focuses on character analysis of John's character. VERY interesting, reading from the mind of a sociopath. Sometimes though, he makes really stupid decisions. [...]

    9. «La noción de que yo fuera un sociópata no era nueva para mí; sabía desde hacía mucho tiempo que no conectaba con los otros. No les entendía y ellos tampoco me comprendían a mí, y fuera cual fuese el lenguaje emocional que utilizara, aprenderlo parecía estar fuera de mi alcance.»En I Am Not A Serial Killer nos encontramos con una historia realmente perturbadora y extraña en la que tenemos como protagonista a John Wayne Cleaver,un chico de 15 años que a pesar de que aparenta ser norm [...]

    10. 1.5 stars Despite the obvious similarity to Jeff Lindsay'sDexter series and the overwhelming feeling of revulsion from a YA-ish novel wallowing in the realm of real-life serial killers, I still was somewhat intrigued by Dan Wells' I Am Not a Serial Killer and plowed through the the first 100 pages like a starving man breaking a fast with an Italian BMT from Subwaybut then realized that the delicious sandwich I'd been nom-noming on was made of inedible food stuff. (Wax? Offal? Fecal matter?) Well [...]

    11. "No soy un serial killer" fue para mí un gran descubrimiento, definitivamente es de aquellos libros por los que no daba mucho, pero me terminó sorprendiendo de una manera positiva. Me gustó la forma en la que la historia está narrada, al ser del género young adult yo esperaba un tono mucho más light que el que me encontré. Los crímenes en esta novela están perfectamente construidos y detallados, como para revolverle las tripas a quienes estén dispuestos a adentrarse en los avernos de u [...]

    12. John Wayne Cleaver knows he's a sociopath. He loves fire; he's curious about the insides of animals (and the dead bodies that come to mortuary owned by his mother); and he was a bed wetter. Anyone fascinated by serial killers (like John, okay and me) knows those are the three characteristics attributed to serial killers. In fear of his own dark potential, he follows rules to keep up the appearance of a normal teenager and keep himself safely away from danger. Then a serial killer strikes his tow [...]

    13. 4.5 StarsWhat a surprisingly good book. The pacing was great, the plotting tight, and John Wayne Cleaver is a great, if not utterly bizarre, kid with whom to enjoy the ride. Seriously, this was one of the weirdest books I've ever read, let alone enjoyed this much. What are the three things 95% of serial killers have in common? Bed-wetting, pyromania, and animal crueltyd John has all three. The story is told in first person by John Wayne Cleaver, who recently entered high schoold also happens to [...]

    14. I actively avoid horror in books, movies, or on television. Ironically, I had a hard time putting this book down, and finished it in what is (for me) record time (three days).Wells creates a main character that is simultaneously disturbing, sympathetic and likable. What amazed me even more than that was Wells' ability to forge the character in such a plausible way that I ended up seeing things through the eyes of John Cleaver: sociopath.I'll admit that there's some gore in the book, but I give c [...]

    15. I'm going to stay nice and calm during this review. You know, calm. Ha. Ha. OH MY GOSH. I AM SO FREAKED OUT RIGHT NOW. But I will be calm. I promise.If you're looking for a freaky YA book, this is it.I'm not a YA horror expert, or anything, but this is the most scary book I've read. Which is why it got 5-stars, of course. Who doesn't like to be freaked out of their fuzzy socks? Characters?Our narrator is 15-year-old John Wayne Cleaver. He has sociopathic tendencies think of a person who's devoid [...]

    16. 2016 Reading Challenge 27#: Un libro de misterio que involucre un asesinatoEste libro es tan bueno por muchas razones. Una de ellas es que el protagonista es un sociópata, y yo amo estar en la mente de esas personas que no tienen corazón.Normalmente los asesinos en serie son, en realidad casi siempre, esclavos de sus compulsiones. Matan porque tienen que hacerlo y no pueden evitarlo.John no es capaz de sentir como los demás, por no decir que no es capaz de sentir en lo absoluto. Él, se esfue [...]

    17. Ugodno sam iznenadjen jer je drugacija od bilo cega sto sam citao u posljednje vrijeme. Brzo se cita i nije nimalo dosadna. Mix paranormalnog i trilera je odlicno uklopen plus na to sve dodati psihopatskog mladica koji svoju psiho stranu zove: Mr. Monster fantasticno. Radujem se nastavcinaOcjena: Nesto izmedju 4 i 5 ali da ne cjepidlacim, neka bude 5 jer sam se pravo dobro proveo.

    18. Vale, quizá el que haya encontrado este libro simpatiquísimo sea extraño, porque no es un tema agradable y mucho menos para conversarlo (ya lo intenté, y no recibí miradas normales), pero es súper interesante leer un libro escrito desde la perspectiva de un sociópata y todo lo que hace para controlar sus tendencias. Además, rarezas aparte, John es muy inteligente y, para qué negarlo, carismático cuando quiere. Supongo que el que se haya propuesto como meta detener a otro asesino (aunqu [...]

    19. Apparently, it really is "always the quiet ones." I've known Dan Wells for a couple of years. He's nice, unassuming, Battlestar Galactica fan, so not unlike most of the people I know, really. But it turns out that Dan has intimate knowledge of embalming techniques and is a walking serial killer encyclopedia. Not to mention he possesses a talent for writing scenes which will make you regret eating lunch. Ever again. (I will also never be able to eat liver or anything that looks like liver ever ag [...]

    20. Truthfully, I'm not sure what to rate this! John Cleaver (the MC) is so fascinating, but he's not always likable. But he's not supposed to be. And the writing is so good that I'm not sure what to rate it: a 3, 4, or a 5.(3 because I usually like my characters more likable, 4 for plot, and tension, 5 because the writing is amazing.) I'm not really sure who I'd recommend this to. It's dark and disturbing, but the most disturbing thing is just how much I enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, I like John [...]

    21. John Wayne Cleaver ist 15 Jahre alt, ganz offiziell ein Soziopath, gelegentlicher Bettnässer, liebt es Tote einzubalsamieren und ist definitiv der Dämonenjäger meines Herzens!

    22. How has it taken me so long to find and read this book!? It's absolutely fantastic and might be a new favorite book and series for me. Lately I've read books that have been meh or okay. Think it might have been a mini reading slump as it was hard for me to have interest in reading. I'd grown a bit bored so I took a break when the holidays came. Decided to try this book as it was suggested by my fiance purely on the fact that he found the title amusing. Haha he was definitely right about the titl [...]

    23. Popsugar 2018 reading challenge: BÁSICO9. Un libro acerca de un villano o antihéroe - En varios niveles, este libro es perfecto para esta categoríaUn libro YA que más bien parece dirigido a chicos de entre 13 y 16 años, pero que disfruté bastante. Un libro rápido de leer, que tiene una trama "interesante" y que me llamó mucho a atención. El plot twist me pareció bastante bueno y sentí que conectaba muy bien con la historia.Los detalles negativos que le veo es que es terriblemente repe [...]

    24. John cleave has all the makings of a killer that 'McDonald triad' theory cruelty to animals, pyromania and bed wetting and his name to boot has strains of killing in it as he is son of Sam, Sam Cleaver and cleaver as in a weapon of choice to murder. I learned a bit about embalming, sociopaths, serial killers and formaldehyde in this story. He was dissecting animals by the age of 8 and increasing in behavioral problems and had to regularly visit a psychologist. With all this happening to a now 15 [...]

    25. La verdad es que este libro me ha sorprendido bastante BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT no me ha llegado a convencer del todo. Es muy ameno y se lee muy rápido, cosa que me ha gustado mucho, ya que odio que los libros se pongan muy pesados.La historia empezó bastante bien hasta que aparecieron fenómenos sobrenaturales. A mí en este tipo de novelas no me suelen gustar estas cosas, pero bueno, al final me terminó hasta gustando. La verdad es que no estuvo mal, pero me pareció que todo sucedía muy [...]

    26. This book was ridiculous for too many reasons to count.Biggest complaint: felt like it was written by three different people and NOT in a collaborative sense. More of a I-don't-feel-like-writing-anymore-so-I-handed-it-off-to-my-friend sort of way. IDK, maybe the author has MPD or something.Next: I HATE it when a teenager is the narrator/1st person in the book but the language is that of a 35 yr old English PhD. I have another book in this list with the same issue and I didn't like that book eith [...]

    27. A quirky book that blends a few genres together to make an interesting story. The hero is high school freshman John Wayne Cleaver, who's interested in serial killers and diagnosed by his therapist as having antisocial personality disorder. He lives over his family's mortuary, where he assists his mother with the embalming. John knows he has certain tendencies in common with the serial killers he studies, so he strictly keeps all such urges under control.But when multiple unresolved murders occur [...]

    28. Honestamente, me pareció malisimo. Muy obvio, básico, lleno de cliches y súper repetitivo con algunas cosas que quedan muy claras de entrada y que no son necesarias machacar en nuestras cabezas una y otra vez. Un fiasco total

    29. As a cross between TV shows Six Feet Under and Dexter for a YA audience (hmm, really?) this was a fascinating and insightful look into the sociopathic mind of a fifteen-year old boy as he attempts to take down a demon serial killer that goes on a rampage in his small town. Strong stomachs are required for this gruesome psychological thriller with undertones of black humour. Or a sick bag.First off, I must say, sociopathy is becoming popular, is it not?[image error]I referenced Six Feet Under for [...]

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